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New Skis and Ski Boots [first purchase, tall intermediate in WA]

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Hello everyone, 


I am looking to buy new skis and ski boots (full equipment) and I need some help, because this is first time when I buy. I used to rent them till now.


Here are my specs:

-  6.3 feet, 190 to 200 pounds, 34 years

- Level-intermediate => started to ski  3 years ago / blue slopes only 

- Location => WA state, Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass & Crystal 

Thank a lot for any advice! 

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What's the question?

Anyway, step one is to find the best bootfitter in your area. Ask that question on the boot guys forum.

I'd say step two would be to demo some skis then pick one.
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Paging @markojp 

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Really?! Isn't the ask expressed in the first sentence?! 

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If your question is how do i buy skis, you go to a ski shop and buy boots and skis.  You tell them how much money in your budget and they'll help you spend it.

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that makes a lot of sense! thanks for the help on this great forum :)! 

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not meant to be snarky, if you want a more specific answer, ask a more specific question.  If you want someone to guide you through the whole process and help pick your skis for you, just talk to someone at a ski shop.  come back here if you have specific questions about the advice given

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That is great, Sib.  I will likely steal it.


Seriously, this is where you need to focus.  If your boots don't fit properly, skiing rapidly becomes a lot less fun and can easily turn into an exercise in pain tolerance.  Tell us specifically where you live and someone will be able to recommend a good boot fitter.  That doesn't mean you get custom made boots, what it means is that you get boots that are properly fitted to your feet.  If you go to some store like Sports Authority, the totally untrained kid who works there and maybe doesn't even ski, will ask what your shoe size, then go in the back and bring out one, maybe two boots and tell you to try them on and pick the one that feels good.  If it feels good out of the box, it is too big.  The correct size will feel almost too tight, your toes will be touching the end, but pull back a bit when you flex your knees.  Do this part right and you won't need new boots for several seasons; do it wrong and you'll be shopping for new boots next season.

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This has the makings of that other thread. Rei, Dick's, Sports Authority, stand by.
Maybe start here:
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Originally Posted by supersmecher View Post

Really?! Isn't the ask expressed in the first sentence?! 
I'm assuming this reply was directed at me. I promise I really wasn't trying to be a smartass. You really never asked a question.
I think my answer was as good as it could be.

I haven't been skiing much longer than you, I'm no expert. But what I can tell you, as some other replies have echoed, get boots first. Get them from a good fitter, I would go to the boot forum here and see who they recommend in your area. Don't order online even if you save a few hundred $. Don't buy at a big box store. I'll go as far as to say don't trust a shop that has a "best boot fitters in America" endorsement. And that doesn't man the shop you eventually go to won't have that endorsement , they probably will, but it's not a guarantee the fitter you get will know what they are doing. (Happened to me)

As for skis, I just research the shit out of everything, even when I don't need another pair of skis. You might not be the same and that's fine. But once you get your boots, find a shop where you can demo try some and figure out what you like.

You can also ask here.
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I live in your neighborhood.    I had pretty good luck at the bigger shop in Bellevue.   I took my skis to World Cup in Bellevue for tuning based upon a recommendation on this forum and they did good work.   I think Sturtevants has a good enough group to steer you in the right direction.   I bought from one of their close-out Ski Mart locations.





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