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Warning! new virus'

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Couple of new virus's out there. If you have any antivirus software make sure it's up to date.

Netsky and Beagle are the 2 hard hitting ones now.

Beagle seems to be getting by a lot of the ISP virus scanners. It has a password protected file attached to the email that sort of confuses the scanners at the server level. When you open the email it sends the password to the virus infected file which then allows the payload to be released. (at least this is what my anvivirus company is telling me) They are working on a fix.

Just be careful.

The new "scam" is to put in the from field "Information Technology @ yourisp.com" or something like that and the field is to : "all staff@yourisp.com"

An Example might be,

From : admin@epicski.com
To : All users@epicski.com

Subject : Virus Warning



It's most likely a virus..
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here's a link to Symantec's explaination.

Beagle virus
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