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Boot fits!

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Most posts here give great advice from a far I feel! That being said how may do it hillside at a major resorts hillside? How many are doctors? How many build high quality static footbeds vs. dynamic? How many mill boot soles out of box vs. fixining in the footbed. How many mold boots or not? How many actually touch wc racer boots? These are real world questions I feel. So if ya live on a island please don't reply. If ya work in a shop that has a title that has ski and golf, please don't reply! I would love to know these facts. Yes I'm storing the pot I would have to say! Merry Xmas ya all and have a happy New Year!

Yes I live there!
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This is the "ask the boot guys" forum. It's a restricted forum. Only the guys on this list (or moderators like me) can reply to questions. None of their shops have "golf" in the name. If you want to store the pot put it in the right cabinet. If you want to stoke the fire, you're going to need more than a better spellchecker. It's hard to tell what you are really trying to ask with your question unless you mean to ask us if you've had enough Christmas cheer. If that is the case, my answer is "No, but do you think I am a pretty skier? Happy Holidays"

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Lol. happy new year and happy holidays to the only gods that I should listen to because it's dictated to by a few egotistical listed few! Last time I looked it's a public forum! How many people do you fit year round personally? Me probably more than most on this list. So yes I am stirring the pot. Good luck and hope ya do well and better than me this year! I really doubt ya will, truely I wish ya luck!
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Hey thatdude,




In your profile you mention you get in 200 days of skiing per year----when does that leave you any time to boot fit anyone?????


We sell and fit boots year round and do a lively business during the norther hemisphere summer months.


We also own and operate a Pedorthic practice and fabricate and dispense  medical, corrective orthotics year round, and many of the guy's on the forum are practicing pedorthists. 


Like TheRrusty, I will ask----what is you point??


Happy New Year------Ski on!!!!



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You are right this is a public forum and anyone is free to ask advice and we will help.  It seems your point is only to brag about your ability.  Congratulations!    If you are interested in helping here, apply with your credentials.  If you are interested in one-upping us for no apparent reason have fun.  What exactly will you gain?



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