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I feel it's one of the best new products in the right hands of a well qualified boot fitter. 20percent lighter and remoldable if need be because an injury or otherwise or not! Is it right boot for every foot? No I would have to say. Every foot dictates a boot! Some insteps dictate other brands because instep dimensions, or instep flap coverage . Some instep flaps gives one more compliance in a moldable boot. Go see a guy whom can help ya get there. Remember, baby steps get ya there easier to a great boot fit than a boot fitter who mills out of the box just cuz he says so. These boots were designed for World Cup guys because they need a boot that flexed the same in a 20 degree temp range. Don't forget they had multiple injuries which dictated different moldable cuff alignments which these moldable boots get ya. Whether they r right for you please see someone knowledgeable.
Happy Holidays and all!