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Tall and Heavy - Brahma, E88, Powertrack 89?

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I am in the Midwest.  6'7" and 230 lbs.  Skiing one year and level 5 I'd say.  


I have been skiing a 2013 181cm K2 Rictor (80mm).  They have served me, and were on sale.  But, now that I am skiing a lot faster and steeper I am feeling like I don't have enough edge on the snow to control myself as much as I'd like.  All the charts and posts would suggest I should be on a way longer ski.


I also picked up a pair of 186cm Nordica Hell and Backs (98mm) which I love.  They are more fun to ski than my Rictors.  Probably taking them on a CO trip this Jan.


I am looking for a more frontside biased ski to complement the Hell and Back.  Not a dedicated carver.  I am leaning toward 88mm category in part because narrower skis don't seem to come in anything beyond 181 or 184.  


Most of my stuff is groomed, but not perfectly.  It could be hard ice and -5 degrees or slush after days of rain on manmade snow as it is right now.  Up North in the UP they don't groom meticulously.  Might find washboard and divots everywhere.  Sometimes they leave some runs raw and ungroomed.  But, we don't get powder.  Might find and icy gully.  But, I don't go looking for bumps yet.  Runs are short - by relative standards.


So far, narrowed down to the Powertrack 89 which my local shop has in 186.  The E88 is available online in 188.  The Brahma is available in 187.  Probably put a Look pivot binding on it.  Another option is the Elan 88xti Fusion which can be had for $699 with binding on sale.  But, I am a bit turned off by some reviews suggesting it does not handle shorter turns very well.  All our runs are short - so not looking for a ski that is not compatible.


So, which of these makes the most sense?  Or something else?


Thanks and happy holidays.

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Of the skis that you mentioned. the Experience 88 is the most fronts oriented and in the 188 it skis truest to length. The PowerTrak 89 is nice but it has a lot of early rise making it ski shorter. The Brahma doesn't have the hard snow bias the E88 does and since you are looking for this ski to be more if a frontside ski, the chose is simple of the skis you listed. If money was no object the Kastle MX88 would be a great option for you but will not be quite as turny as the Experience. 

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Well, actually I was looking at a demo set of the MX88 for half off retail, available online.  But, was concerned that I would not have the skills to use that ski yet.

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Hi JPT1.  I ski the K2 Rictor in the same year and length.  Not quite as tall and heavy (6'5" 200#) but close.  The Rictors have only a slight early rise, so they put most of the edge to work.  It is a conundrum how to pick something that will work for you when you're 'outside the box' sizewise.  I think the Rictors do a pretty good job once they have a good tune on them.  I didn't like them until I put a 2/0.5 bevel on them (I bought demo skis with a little mileage on them).


Most of the +185 cm skis out there these days are rockered and don't put nearly as much edge down as shorter frontside skis.  My 190 Moment Deathwishes might put down 150 cm of edge at most.  It's really obvious side by side on the car ski rack.  As Philpug mentions, the E88 would be a good choice.  I would urge you to make sure the Rictors have a good tune first before bailing on them, however.

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Thanks for the replies.  FYI, I picked up a pair of Elan 88 xti in 186 on sale locally.  Skied them today.  Like a different sport.  Total game changer.  With the difference and length and rocker I have about 6 more inches of edge on the snow compared to the Rictors.  Love them!!!

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