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Replacing old Dobermanns

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My old, original Nordica Dobermann Pro 130's have served me very well.  I like the way I ski in them.  Their geometry works well for me.  But...they're feeling a bit soft, the buckle bails show some rust inside the buckles (maybe weakening), and it's probably time for new boots--lots of hours in these.  ZipFit liners are the best thing I've done for them with good support for my narrow heels & ankles.  I'll re-use my footbeds.  The 5th mets on both boots have been punched out, way out on the left.


I'm thinking about new Head Raptor 130RS or Nordica Dobermann EDT 130 (not WC).  Size UK10.  I'm 2+ hours from a good shop, so my best bet will be to get boots on an extended ski trip where I can get them adjusted nightly until they're right for me.  Nordica lists the last as 98mm.  Head's web site lists the boot volume as 1800 cc.  (Why does Head do that?)  The size conversion charts list several mondopoint sizes equal to Nordica's UK10 (why does Nordica do that?).  290mm = UK10?


Am I looking at two boots that seem like what I like?  Similar geometry to my old Dobies?


Are the widths likely suitable for my narrow heel & ankle and medium forefoot?


Any others you could suggest that I should try on that are in the same vein?




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stop thinking or reading, start trying them on.


tecnica 9.8 130

lange rs 140

k2 spyne 130 lv

nordica dobermann edt 130

head raptor 130 rs



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what Jim said,


plus the size is on the outside heel of the boot you have,(boot sole lenght)  start with that, and bring in your old liners (use old liners in new shells to see how they might feel long term)

best to look for a good boot fitter, rather then a boot.  you know you will need work done, so why not start with that?

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Thanks for the list of possibles to try on to get where I want to go.


I know that the fitter is an essential part of good boot buying.  If I was in Tahoe or Banff or Calgary, I'd be in to see Jim or Dave or Lou or someone on their staff they'd trained.  I'm not, and with this list I'll be able to get the conversation and fitting going in the direction I want.


Does the external sole length correspond more closely to the internal length than in years past?  Mine are 335 mm, and if that's a good gauge for internal length, I'll use it.

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the only length that is relative is the distance between the back of your heel to the back of the shell while your toes are straight and lightly touching the front of the boot.


shell sizing for length is a critical measurement for choosing the proper length boot.


a 335mm BSL is usually a 29/29.5 mondopoint shell, or in the case of a doberman in UK sizing a 10.



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