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Lake Placid got a pretty good storm a few weeks ago and against my better judgement I went skiing before January and probably destroyed my Salomon XW Storm all mountain carving skis - went over something pretty ugly and there is now a nasty gouge in the base of one of the skis, right under foot, which also caused the metal edge to bow out a little. I showed it to a few shop guys at Whiteface and it seemed unanimous; forget it, it's a cap construction ski and can't be repaired to perform properly again.

And this sucks, because I liked these skis - they were my very first skis and, before this happened they were still in pretty good shape.

So anyhow, I planned on purchasing a pair of skis anyway, but since I already had skis that leaned towards hard conditions

Salomon XW Storm skis

Salomon Rocker 2 90 skis


Line Prophet 98 skis

I was leaning towards purchasing a 100 to 110mm ski with more rocker for those rare northeast powder days.

Now, with what I still have, I'm not sure if it would make more sense to replace the carver oriented skis

Volkl RTM or Salomon Enduro / X Drive


since the Rocker 2 90's and Line Prophet 98's perform pretty well on groomers in hardpack conditions, still go for a > 100mm rockered ski for those rare powder days...

I've been thinking:

Salomon Quest 105

K2 Shreditor 102

Line Sir Francis Bacon

or, even going narrower with more rocker:

Line Sick Day 95 skis?

Your thoughts?