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Hey guys, had a few questions about the atomic theory / blizzard bushwacker skis.  My previous experience was with the line prophet 90s.


Some things I love about the prophets.  Sick at fast speeds, very stable turns.  Felt a little "sluggish" to turn (maybe heavy, maybe too stiff).  That could've been the stiffer ski, but def was affected by my skill level (intermediate).  I am looking at a little bit more quicker, ski, yet, looking for that similar stability at high speeds when I'm charging.  Heard great things about the theory, similar to the bushwacker.  I'm wondering if anyone had any comparisons to the prophet 90s and what I should expect from the theory/bushwacker compared to the prophets.  Also, the theories come in 168cm and 177cm.  I'm 5'7", 165lbs, what would be a good length for either the theory or bushwacker?  Plan on mostly midwest skiing, with occasional west coast stuff. Thanks guys!