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Small Gouges... Need Fix?

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Hey, For starters, I am new to this forum. Now, what i made this thread about: I recently went skiing at my local mountain, and i got some gouges, some long, some short.

And i would like to know if this needs to be fixed? Here are some pics:




Thanks :D

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Those don't look that bad.  You could try to fill the deeper ones with p-tex.


Pretty thorough recent discussion about small base nicks and gouges here..


Crap, do I need a base grind?

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Leave them. More work than necessary and won't accomplish anything. Think of them as "open structure".
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Nice structuring work, much better than I have achieved this year.


keep up the good work and keep skiing them

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The edges, on the other hand....
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

The edges, on the other hand....

I like to keep the sides nice and sharp, as for the base edges I only use a diamond stone to knock off the burrs


Don't wanna change the base bevel ya know

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Okay, Thanks for the replies. :)

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Looks bad....isn't bad.  Don't worry about it.


For me I'd likely just pull a steel scraper over it once or twice (very carefully) just to get rid of any high spots.  The rest no worries.  If you have to ask what this means.....don't do it.


Merry Christmas.

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Yo if ya see core, drip and scrape. Are ya base high or rail high? They look like its your rock ski or back country set up. Wax a lot more. Those look hammered from pics. Wax with base prep a little more and hot scrape, then hot wax with proper temp wax to keep bases relaxed. They will stay flatter over time. Those bases are really dry from pics. I would suggest base prep twice a few times first to relax base letting an hour first before scraping. Minimal grinding = longer life. Under tuned skis = more time to bring back around.
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They are fine. You can't fill gouges that don't have some depth. The Ptex would just pop out while you're scraping.


Wax 'em. Enjoy. 

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