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So, what is the verdict on the chat room?

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Got the shakes Irul? Calm down, breathe deep and yes we have a new supply of Methadone. Breathe, I said breathe!!!

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nowhere else to camp'n'lurk?
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Originally posted by ryan:
nowhere else to camp'n'lurk?
Not unless redsoxsuck.com starts a chat room.
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What no chat? Here I was all set to start bringing my laptop to Oklahoma. I am so lonely there.
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I'd like to get a sense of how important you guys thing chat is. If you want it, make your view known!
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Well, I could never get the old one to work for me, and rarely saw others in it. Another suggestion: how about putting our IMs in our profiles (as some other sites do) and just use IM instead of a special chat here?
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Having our own chat spot was : AC - even though I haven't been there much lately....
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Ac I'd like to see it back, though I have been much more productive at work lately.
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I liked the chat room, but also felt it was severly under used. I'd say given that fact, if it's a hassle to create and maintain, I could live without a chat room.
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I can hardly live without the occasional Ryan fix. I vote bring it back. And for all you so called skiers who don't have time to chat because you are working - get with it, Slacking is where it's at dooooood(ette).

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Slack time at work? We Union StillWorkers have no slack time. We're too busy sleeping. I never used it much cause I'mm so slow. Du-oh.
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Originally posted by ryan:
No Chat??!!
Cann't stop clicking Play... Ohhhhh the pretty lights.... ahhh oohhhh.... :
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We can do without the chatroom. There are other ways of communication
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Yeah but they work poorly with an ocean in the middle [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Do whatcha gotta do, mang. 'Syour baby.

Truthfully, relative to the total number of Bears, regular users constitute a rather insignificant percentage, if it's numbers you're looking at to determine worth.

The few who do pop in semi-regularly seem to enjoy the catching up, hemming and hawing, talking about where snow is or is not falling, etc. It's not so different from the proverbial workplace water cooler.

I am curious as to whether there were specific expectations, or hopes, regarding the chat room's utility when it was installed, or whether it was more a just-kinda-curious trial balloon.

A couple others who've dropped into the "cr" have been quiet in this thread, and there doesn't seem to be much of passionate rally toward keeping it, so I suspect it may have seen its last day.

And yes, there are other ways of communicating but I don't think that's entirely the point here. (But, anyway, "real-time" discussion DOES happen to be dissimilar enough from epic board format that it is interesting and allows for about two ounces more of "personalness," which I happen to find refreshing and generally fun, however light and insubstantial it may be as far as volume or import.)

[ March 02, 2004, 07:23 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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I like the water-cooler aspect of the chat room and think it adds to the community, regardless of the number of people who use it. I'd like to see its return, but have to fit it into a very busy schedule (it's a big modification to the software). The use it got exceeded my original expectations.

This thread is useful in giving me an idea of the level of urgency in getting it back. Thanks for all the input, keep it coming if anyone has more to add.
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I thought it was a great feature.
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as good as the opposable thumb?
now, THAT'S a fine feature.
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Okay, the thumb. The chat room was a great little spot to come in and hitch a ride with some random folks that you wouldn't ordinarily meet.
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I'd also like to see the Chat Room come back. It was a relaxing diversion...
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wanna test it? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thank you Allen !!!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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