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Hi all, 


I'm in the same boat as thefortrees but will be traveling solo. I'll be staying at the Hostel as usual but this time going alone due to my buddy's work schedules. If anyone else is going to be there that weekend I would be very grateful if I would be allow to tag along. I know the mountain as I've been there a few times before I just don't want to venture into the trees solo. I stay in bounds but its still a mountain that deserves the utmost respect. 


I believe that I met Bob back in 2002 when I was last in Jackson after posting a similar thread. At least I met someone who worked on the mountain who was then in his 40's-50's and was very kind to show me and a buddy around for a few runs. It's been a long time since I've been on this site on back on the hill. Young kids etc... However, they are skiing now and life is grand. 


So, if anyone will be out there during that weekend and wouldn't mind letting a stranger tag along I would really appreciate it. I can ski pretty much anywhere on the mountain but won't be dropping into Corbett's or anything like that.