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hip pain

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i am a very keen skier but have noticed a burning sensation /pain when skiing  worse on flat paths so bad that i have to stop after 3/4 mins when i stop the pain stops when i start skiing again the pain gradually increases I'm also getting cramp feelings on my inner thighs when skiing steeper red black runs its not as bad  i was told 4 year ago i need two  new hips but have ignored  could anyone confirm this is referred pain from hips   is there any pain killers i can take or stretching etc i don't want the new hips as i can put up with the pain on a general day to day basis



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you need to go to an OS.  my guess is you do need new hips if the OS has already indicated.  I think you need to have a discussion about your fears and concerns but there are so many folks who are skiing in pain free on replacement hips and knees and enjoying life.  

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My understanding, and I'm not a doc or remotely medically qualified, is that pain in quads isn't necessarily hips.  I have a hip injury and I get nerve pain in my lower legs and feet, inside of the feet, big toe and first little toe.  It's possible your pain originates in your lower back.  Having said all that, as Finn says, it's likely being caused by your hips, and even if it's originating from nerve problems in your spine it's probably being caused by dysfunction in your hips and muscular compensation.

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been there done that last year.....:D  

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ian sorry for your pain. Finn and Scott have offered great advise. Pain meds and stretching can help a little. However your hip joints will only get worse over time with use. There will come a time you will know its time to do something more.  I had my hip replaced 5 years ago with the BHR. Before replacing I also had severe referred pains to the inner thigh. I now ski 140 days a years without hip pain. After my experience and hearing from numerous other skiers having had joint replacements, I highly recommend you research a Great OS about your options.

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HIp degeneration pain can definitely refer to your inner thighs. Does it hurt with normal walking around?

How old are you?  Is your range of motion deficit quite noticeable?

Do you remember how bad the xrays were?  Did he say you needed the new hips right now?

The best you can do is to learn yoga and properly stretch the muscles and ligaments surrounding the hip joint.  It won't cure the problem, but it could delay surgery and allow you to live with it a little longer.

Hip surgery usually works well, but there are problems that a small percentage encounter.

Try glucosame.  Don't count on it, but it's worth the $12 to try it for a month.

Interesting.  I was with an 85 year old nun who has a completely shot hip, but she is in amazing good health. Bounces around and even takes care of the convent garden.

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Definitely a case for your medical team, and not for the internet. Regarding yoga - if your problem is in fact from the hips, then be careful with the yoga recommendation. Some yoga poses are excellent for hip issues, others are not a great idea ( pigeon pose in particular). Your body will tell you though - the key is to listen. And to seek your medical advice from medical pros.
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