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Dec 22 Mon Lookout & Silver

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Ski report:   


2nd chair at Lookout, they opened chair 2 on the backside.  When straight over to back side.  Runs were one groomer or two wide and if you like slalom racing between the treetops you would be ok.  Bottom of backside into lift was pretty ugly with groomer contours and dirt, rock, stump obstacles.  Off piste on the backside with breakable and nonbreakable crust and ugly would not suffice to describe.  Groomers on front side were in pretty good shape except right at the bottom going into chair 1 and little dirt showing.


Left Lookout at 1030 and drove down the mt. to Silver. Up the gondola and found one run Silver Belt and it was sorta hard but very well groomed and in good shape.  Lower Silver Belt at the junction was showing some dirt and a few rocks.  Stickups were showing but not too many.  I took Alpenway down to save the knee.   Skied it twice, ventured off a few times and found about 3 inches of semi-soft crust so stayed on the groomer.  I would say 1 more foot of snow and most of the runs off of silver Belt will be skiable and ok.   Talked to Bill in shop and he said a lot of snowboard damage he is working on for those venturing off piste.   He showed me 6 boards he was working on and they were pretty trashed.


Anyway sort of ugly.

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Silver update, Saturday 12/27.   Skied Silver today to see how good it would be with another predicted 12 in tonight.  Silver Belt good, junction good.  No powder this am but it was snowing, harder as the day progressed.  For Sun with 12 in. Chair 4 has a lot of brush showing.  Prospector, tamarack area and off piste should be ok but not premo due to some tip tops and brush.  Chair 2 ridge all runs off of Silver Belt should be very good with another 12 in. Pretty good Christmas crowd but definitely not crowded.  Zero lift lines.


My humble opinion for skiing with another foot tonight.


Terrible Edyths.... NO

Run off to 3.  Saddleback...yes, collateral sorta ok, paymaster NO


WARNING!!!!!!!     If you ski under chair 3, down from alpenway road  2nd Tower   STAY TO THE RIGHT OF THE TOWER  there is some gravel/dirt arranged in a sort of hole between the piles, with another foot you may not see this and if you hit it at speed it may be big time injury time.   There is no warning  STAY TO THE RIGHT OF THE 2nd TOWER.


I normally wouldn't post something like above but believe me you don't want to ski into this.


South of Border - didn't ski but from the little I could see it may be ok to decent with another foot.  Was pretty foggy up top this am so couldn't really tell.

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