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You are not the recipient for that private message

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I've got a flashing icon saying I've got a private message. Yet, when I click on the PM, it reads, "You are not the recipient for that private message," and instructs me to click "BACK." When I attempt to delete the message (so I can get rid of the flashing icon!), it gives me the same message, that I'm not the recipient. And, the flashing icon remains. I've jotted off a note to the sender, but I thought I should mention it here, in case there's some sort of screw-up with the new software?


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weird, i received a lengthy and Very Juicy PM this morning addressed, oddly enough, to "Aaron."

assuming, Aaron, that you'll understand the reference, i myself would have to advise AGAINST the studs embedded in the skull. sure, they come through the flesh and look okay - if you're going to a party as a stegasauraus - but i have to wonder about the health ramifications.

what if you "butt" someone inadvertently on the slopes? your insurance gonna cover the cost of the other's surgery.

gotta look at these things.
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LOL. WHAT are you talking about?? Are you serious, or kidding? I didn't send anything like that to anyone, ha ha ha. My last few PMs have been about boots and geography, to coppernyc and to Phil Pugliese.

What's more, I can't delete this message I got from fltlndr that he meant for someone else...

It's the world gone mad!
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Well, yes, there WAS some mention made of boots, too. Something about them being "made for walking."
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My boot PM had more to do with Surefoot Manhattan. But, it sounds as though your PM was more interesting. Who was it from, if addressed, ostensibly, to me?

Meantime, I've got a flashing PM icon that I can't make go away.
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Ryan---You may now set the hook! Be careful, don't let-em spit it out!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!
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Ryan, I was about to troll in these waters but I noticed you had a fish on. It is proper etiquette to yell out "Fish On" once you have the strike and have firmly hooked the fish.

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"Zzzzziiiing," sang the reel
as the line pulled tight.
"We got us Moby Dick,
and he's putting up a fight."
The captain stalled the motor
and someone shouted "gaff!"
All hands came together.
It feels good to laugh.

having said that, i'm dead serious about this PM thing.
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From hell's depths, I spit my last breath at thee. For hate's sake, I will grapple with thee.

LOL. Actually, I can only quote Moby Dick because I'm so familiar with Star Trek: Wrath of Khan!

I thought you were serious. Why I should get a PM from fltlndr meant for someone else (which I myself can't open, or more annoyingly, make go away) or you should get a PM supposedly meant for me, I dunno. Meanwhile, I want this damned flashing PM icon to go away and the system won't allow me to delete the PM I can't open because I'm not it's beloved intended.
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the PM recipient error has come up in the past. Not sure what we finally did other than to delete the PM's. The only problem is when we delete the PM, the person it was intended for may not have read it yet.

Maybe Allen can shed some light on this error.

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The flashing Icon seems to have finally gone away (knock on monitor). Ryan, can you PM me this infamous note you got that was meant for me? Sounds like it wasn't fan mail!
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ryan and his practical jokes [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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No one takes me seriously.

Aaron, I forwarded it then deleted it from my in-box because it was giving me the creeps. You didn't get it?
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Strange... the one about the studs that Ryan attempted to forward to you just arrived in MY inbox.

Looking carefully, I see that it has a new button attached to the form: "Forward to all employees".

Should I press it?

Tom / PM
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ya know, i know how that happened. it was a PM (private message)/PM (physics man) mix-up. doh! my bad.
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