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Head REV90 or Head iPeak 90 FLR ?

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I'm looking to possibly add a pair of skis to my quiver, and can get a good deal on both the 2014 REV90 and the 2012 iPeak 90 FLR.


I'm currently on iPeak 78 Pro's (170cm) that are really versatile for east coast conditions and that I like a lot, but am considering something a bit more "all-mountain". 


I think both the REV90 and iPeak 90 FLR are no-metal skis, but what would the main differences be between them ?


I'm an advanced skier (6ft, 160lbs) that skis all over the mountain (and am a "Head" man).


Was also thinking of going a bit longer (177 or even 184)  Good idea ?



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Can't answer you questions yet, but will be able to soon. Just took delivery on a new set of i.Peak 90 170's - totally psyched to put them to work. I still have two sets of Head Monsters (im 78's and im 82's), but they're beaten up and pretty well skied out at this point. They've been awesome, so based on the fact that the iPeaks are a continuation/upgrade of the Monster line, as well as nothing but positive reviews, I went ahead and picked them up without any demo. $329 for brand new skis and bindings too good to pass up - though I do have to get them mounted myself.


As for size, my Monsters were 170 and 171 - on the small side since I'm 5'11" 175-180, but ski mostly in the northeast so prefer something that's flexible enough for ice, bumps, ice bumps, etc., as well as the deeper stuff. Also get out west several weeks a year and 90 underfoot will handle all but the craziest powder days. I'd pay more than that renting demos (though will gladly shell out anyway to demo serious fatties if it dumps enough). 


Look forward to having more performance feedback.

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In part, your request for feedback on both skis going to be difficult because both the Peak 90 and Rev 90 are not major sellers in the Head line of skis. Head makes so many different skis that they end up competing with themselves. The Peak 78 got many good reviews, and the Rev 85 gets solid reviews. If you like the feel of Head skis, I don't think you will find much difference. The Rev series replaced the Peak line, so, in buyers terms the deal should be better on the Peak 90. I've heard of some great deals on both skis, doubt you will go very wrong on either the Rev or Peak. 


Personally, I'd buy the Rev 90's, they got a solid recommendation from @Philpug (the Epic Gear Review guru) when I was looking at the Rev line 2 years ago. As to length, if you like to make longer radius, higher speed turns, then consider the 177. If you value shorter turns and moderate speed, then the 170s will work. 

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I have skied and owned almost every Head iteration in this width, from the old Monster 88 to the REV 90 (including the iPeak 90).  The REV 90 is the best of all of them (though, the iPeak was pretty awesome as well).  


I Have about 10 days in on the REV 90-exclusively in Southern New England, with a few tree days at Mount Snow, and a lot of funky mixed condition on Piste days (rain and warmth on early season man-made is about as funky as it gets).  It's a very, very 'easy' ski. By that I mean it forgives lapses in technique but delivers smooth performance.  


Most of the reviews, pro and con, of this ski are spot on.  Everyone will note it's easy going nature with a fairly high performance envelope, but some will say that makes it a 'blah' or dull ski, while others will applaud that characteristic making it a great, sleeper all-mountain ski for a lot of skiers.  People who love the Bonafide or old the Volkl Mantra won't like this ski, Those who skied the Rossi E88 and wished it had a little more guts and a touch more float will really like the  REV 90 (or the NEW E88).  There is a lot to be said for  Medium (medium flex, medium radius, medium forgiveness) if it is done well. And Head nails this ski.


The REV 90 leans towards carved turns but tolerates pivoting, short turns are a breeze (for a ski of this width) and it handles speed with reasonable aplomb (again, with the caveat 'for a ski without metal!').  I have about 10 days on this ski this season, skied exclusively in Southern New England with a few days in the Glades and pro to bumps at Mount Snow, and a host of on-piste days skiing very funky rain and warmer man-made snow (so from traditional groomers to 'east-coast crud' if you will).  I am impressed by it, as it is relatively unflappable, smooth and surprisingly quick.   The iPeak was a very good ski, this one is better.


If you are a full-grown man, I wouldn't ski this any shorter than the 177cm, regardless of what sort of turn you prefer, you'd give back to much stability, which a ski like this needs to make it the great all-around that it is.    


And the Price is right with these skis.  


ALL that being said, the New 2015 crop of 88-94mm waisted skis is stunningly impressive.  I have skied the k2 90xti, The Powertrac 89, New E88, Brahma, and Nordica NRGy 90…they're all wonderful, versatile and fun.  You can't go wrong with any of them, I made my choice exclusively on price, and the general quality of skis right now makes that a viable approach. 

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What Liam said. Good stuff. 177 for sure for the Rev 90.
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Thanks for the interesting comments !

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Another option I have is the iPeak 84 FLR but it's only available in 184cm length,


Considering I'm 6ft and 160lbs, would these be too long for me for east-coast conditions ?

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Why not look at rev 98 pro. It turns like a ski 2 cm smaller from other companies, yet better Out west the 98cm under foot dimension is a one ski quiver killer! Hop on one! If ya prefer 90cm under foot go for the rev 90pro. I would just jump up and expand your quiver.
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