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Jackson Hole 12/24 - 12/29

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Hi all - my wife and I are skiing JHMR 12/24, 12/25, 12/26 and 12/28. This is our 3rd trip to Jackson, and there are a few areas we haven't skied yet that we really want to experience, but hesitant to do so without a local friend to show us how to get in and out of them safely :)


Specifically, Rock Springs, and the lines dropping into the top of Casper Bowl, and the Crags. We have avy gear and don't mind hiking to get to the goods. Anybody interested in meeting up at some point to show us around (or just willing to give advice on good lines)? We'd gladly repay with a good apre session of beers and nachos...

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First welcome to Epic Ski.


There are several Jackson locals who post on Epic, and, have been generous in their time showing regular Epic posters around Jackson for a few runs in milder terrain. They have often  posted of unwillingness to enter more dangerous or out-of-bounds runs as part of their tours, and, never with strangers. It's just common sense on their part, I'd never consider accepting the responsibility (if I lived there). There are commercial out of bounds services available if conditions warrant.


Hopefully, some of the Jackson locals might give you better insights. Have a great trip, Jackson is a great mountain.

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Living proof, Thanks for the advice and warm welcome. I've been a passive reader of EpicSki forums for a while. Finally decided to get involved, share some of my experiences, and make new friends.

Jackson is definitely one of my favorite mountains and am excited to be there this week - snow conditions look great, and still improving!
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I've read that guide so many times... Bob Peters is the man!
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I had my best skiing day of the year (so far) yesterday.  Conditions are really good.

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Glad to see you signed up for the JH gathering.  I've only made one trip through Rock Springs Bowl and the Crags each, both with guides.  I'd like to do a few runs in those places too, and there should be several opportunities during the gathering.  And yes, Bob Peters is the man. 

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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

I had my best skiing day of the year (so far) yesterday.  Conditions are really good.


Whoa I'm sorry to hear that, hoping for black ice in March.  I'll miss the gathering, dammit, but when I set my dates I had intended to be in school... ergo, Spring Break.  I hope to meet you and Bob and others this year, praying my gear and body hold up.  It's been a rocky season, medically speaking.  PMed you, and apologize for not seeing your comments in the "thumbsup" section.

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