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Kicking Horse - British Columbia 12-20-2014

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The only thing to do when there's not adequate snowfall at your home mountain is to round up the posse, get in the truck and drive north into British Columbia. With continual snowfall depositing goodness on Kicking Horse we made the 5 hour drive to Golden where The Horse is based out of.


                                             Tommy Frey getting some of the classic steeps at Kicking Horse


Saturday morning we loaded up the Golden Eagle Express Gondola and made the trek up. We arrived at the top of the mountain on CPR Ridge to full blown winter conditions from the 8cm's of freshies deposited throughout the night. We skied off towards the Stairway To Heaven chairlift and lapped the basin off Redemption Ridge for a few runs. Snow was light and visibility was decent.


                                         Devin Dufenhorst feeling the power of the mountain.


After getting the legs warmed up we dropped over into the Feuz Bowl where there was plenty of untracked snow in the bowl.


                                                          Desiree' Leipham dropping into the open in the Feuz Bowl


                                                                     Tommy going Full Cheddar!!!!


We made our way down to the cat track which was the safest way for your ski bases to get back down the gondola. 4100 feet of vert is definitely a great way to get those early season legs burning! We took the gondy back up from the base and then made it back to the Stairway to Heaven Chair where we worked our way out a little further on Redemption Ridge where we found a few nice chutes with minimal traffic through them. We dropped in to some sweet stuff as the snow had been loading up on the back of these northern facing chutes.

                                                    Tommy in one of Kicking Horses 88 Chutes!


We definitely made a day of it. We slid in for a little apres' where we met KH local Steve Fisk,. Steve is an ex racer and a Rossignol rider. Steve offered to show us around his playground in the morning.

Sunday morning we wake to semi clear skies and 10cm of fresh. Reset was perfect as Steve took us around. First run Top to bottom to get the legs pumping and what a difference the 10cm made covering up the last little bit of grass and debris on the lower half of the mountain.


                                                                Steve Fisk coming in with some HEAT!


                                   Devin Dufenhorst enjoying a top to bottom run with the rising sun.


                                                    Bob Legasa coming out of the White room


                                                 Steve showing us he's got a little bit of Freestyle in him!


We had a great morning with the sun coming in and out and then rexploring the Feuz Bowl with someone who knew the honey holes! Our new best friend Steve lined us up on some sweet chutes with knee deep blower.

                                                                                 Blower morning!


                                                                                Desi making tree skiing loook easy!


                                                                         Showing the Boys up!


12:00 came upon us to damn fast as we had to make the drive back home. Nothing better than making a scenic drive through BC with a huge smile and tired legs. I'm definitely going back to the Horse as the resort is legit! One of the best I've ever been to.


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Heading out to Kimberley for family Xmas, might have to make the trip up to KH given the conditions!

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Wow... great pics from a place I know nothing about! (Guess I'm off to do a little reading.)


"Blower Morning" and "Showing the boys up" are particularly awesome.

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Thanks dbostedo. Kicking Horse is truly magical. The surroundings are breathtaking and the terrain incredible


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Looks like it was juuuuust a little bit better than Schweitzer was last weekend. Nice shots!

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Beauty. I just got home from a little Christmas vacation in Invermere. I ended up skiing Fernie Alpine Resort, Kicking Horse and Panorama. Fernie and Kicking Horse were great. Panorama always sucks. I've got to give the edge to Fernie. Always my favourite.

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