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Snowdrift/Stowe Motel, on up the road.

Stowe Motel
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The name's familiar but I can't place it!

Snow all today, but not heavy.
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Snow's fluffy, let's go THIS WEEKEND.

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(ahem) . . . and just who is this "Queen B"? hm? (like, who else? da BRIDE! )
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Who's dat I hear buzzin around! Watch out! She may sting you!

Hey, I should have been Queen B in all my Yellow and Black!
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Ya snooze, ya lose, Buckwheat!
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...and just what does the "B" stand for anyhow? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Let's see if this works (it snowed a lot today and was still at it after our flare run tonight.

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Yeah! That's great!!!!!!

Keep the snow coming!
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Not the most artistic shot ever. I had a bunch of kids and had just parked them artistically. In hindsight I should've arranged them doing the guard of honour thing to show how it'd look when we do the real thing! that's the chapel anyway, and the clearing it's in. And the spots are...snow!
Really good skiing today and if it continues like it was tonight during our flare run, it should be great tomorrow. Epic says we are set to get more of the same for a few days.
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Thanks for the picture, ant!
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I'm putting the Gotamas in the car today. Probably a little overoptimistic, but why not.
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I still want one of those cool Gottama stickers for my Matterhorn mug!
It snowed all morning (while I off!) but in the arvo the sun appeared. I noticed a big fat cloud was still sitting on Mansfield at sunset, so hopefully there will be some snow waiting for me tomorrow.
I'll try to get a more artistic photo for Bonni...maybe a day-by-day photo countdown! although I won't be on the mountain next week.
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arvo?! What is a freeking arvo?!
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aussies put an O or Y on the end of everything. So afternoon is arvo.
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oh, sure, that explains it.

Excuse me, I need to go get an arv.
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Is that the masculine, americanized form, Oboe? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One handed or two handed arv, buddy? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Actually, in the masculine American form, it means that I'm going to get a one handed bottle of Heineken's.

What's a two-handed arv?
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(sing along)

It takes two handle a Whopper.....
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Wear your rain gear.....the forecast calls for temps in the 50's and rain.

We're ready for anything, and we won't let a little WEATHER get us down! We skied in the rain Saturday night at Bousquet, and it was actually quite NICE! :
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That's not the forecast at this end of the state.

This is oboe speaking. Guess why I must log in as Smuggs?
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Well, guess what AllenAyers has accomplished!
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It didn't work for me...yet!
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