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Originally posted by oboe:
god-person? god-person?! So what am I, chopped liver?!
[[[scroll down to quote in sign.]]]] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I just caught this (I'm usually not in this thread). Congratulations to Bonni and Jeff! What a wonderful plan -- I wish we could join you, but instead I'll just wish you lots of snow and sun, and many years of happiness together!
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Sounds like a great plan guys

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Bonni & SkierJ, would you be willing to provide a mailing address for those of us inclined to send a gift?
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My congrats as well. I just heard that Stowe is the only East Coast resort that made the ski magazine's top ten resort list. Great choice Bonni and Jeff.
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You ain't a god person Oboe unless you wear a white dress and have spent years studying something. I have a great mate back in Oz who is a god-person and you are a lawyer!

seriously though, the spot where the chapel is, is just lovely. It is like a Cathedral of trees and the trail to get there is the prettiest thing at Stowe (which is saying something). It's rather uplifting.
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This is for Bonni and Jeff, of course, and I defer to their choice.
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Ant, we're not in Oz now! We don't have to have a "god person", as you put it, here. We just need a person who has the legal right to perform marriages. Oboe is perfect for this, plain ol vanilla oboe, that is!
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Yeah, but to use a consecrated chapel you need a god person! That was the original argument there. But the clearing outside is much nicer. One of my mates back home is a marriage celebrant who specialises in balloon marriages. She was planning to learn how to skydive next, so as to do those ones too!
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I may be plain ol' vanilla, but I would not be performing the ceremony in a white dress. A red ski jacket would be ok, or if this weather continues, matching white tee shirt and jock strap.
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There's a nice white ski suit in the window of Romy's. I told Bonni about it, but she was strangely uninterested! Maybe it'd look nice on Oboe.
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Originally posted by ant:
There's a nice white ski suit in the window of Romy's. I told Bonni about it, but she was strangely uninterested! Maybe it'd look nice on Oboe.
oboe also is "strangely uninterested".
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I don't know where the chapel is but there used to be something called the "Stone House" up behind the Octagon. Kind of a neat rustic board and boulder stone cabin. Don't know what kind of condition its in nowadays but was very mountain-ish and good location at the top of the chairlift and adjacent to the Toll Road and the Nose Dive too!
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We do not need a God Person. I like plain ol vanilla. You can add things to it to make it interesting, like:

You could wear a black Speedo, if you wish. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Gonzo.....please, no gifts as we can't return a gold and black fish ashtray from Montana in Vermont, however, if you wish to send a card, the address is Box 374, Pownal VT 05261.
Donations to Epicski or the ESA Scholarship fund in our name would be a wonderful gift!

[ March 02, 2004, 04:22 AM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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I'm late in finding this thread and I apologize for my tardiness.

Congratulations Bonni and Jeff.

May you enjoy many years of happiness together.

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Congratulations Bonni & Jeff!
...and for anyone in need of skis with alpine bindings onboard...I guess we know what'll be in Oboe's car trunk :

Great setting Bonni... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks, guys!

I suppose we'll hear.....

"Do you take this woman for your lawfully wedded wife (Bandits, half off today only)?"
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oboe would never be so crass as to interject ski sales into a beautiful wedding ceremony!

(After the ceremony ...)
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My goodness, I just found this thread. What a wonderful idea! Congratulations, Bonni and Jeff, and best of luck to the two of you!

DC and I will not be able to join you, but we'll be sure to raise a frosty beverage in your honor on the 27th.

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Sure Oboe, Sure!!
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Hey Oboe...by the sounds of the list that you had on here a while back there should be enough extra equipment available to outfit the non-skiers...between you, Ant and I we should be able to get them to turn and stop well enough to get to the Chapel...If not, we can get Jeff's Ski Patrol friends to follow with a couple sleds.
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To get to the spot (Stowe have a trail map online, btw, on the website), you would usually take the Triple chair (left most chair as you are facing up the hill), and for very nervous novices, take Toll Road right around. The chapel is marked.
If they are not total novices and can do a big ski patrol snowplough, they'd cut across Sunrise over to Lullaby Lane and Chapel Lane. Chapel Lane is a nice green.
I'd do Toll Road though, as it's so very pretty! I'm not exaggerating.
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If they can ski on mud, so much the better.
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Sigh. It won't get to that! They reckon we always get a thaw, usually in January, and then we get a whole bunch of snow. I hope the snow is listening.
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Just found this thread. Congratulations from 37C Melbourne. I'll send a cheers your way!

I must say this is such a fantastic idea! Just wonderful! I've heard of ski in/out accom but a ski in/out wedding takes it to another level!

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I hope we can be on skis and not mud boots. It's waaaay too warm, and raining today. There was a good 6 inches of snow on our yard yesterday. This morning there's only traces left.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Bonni & SkierJ, would you be willing to provide a mailing address for those of us inclined to send a gift?
Any thoughts about this idea?

Hey, it has to snow! Maybe if we all play the song White Wedding a few times a day we can "make" it happen!
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If you feel inclined to send good wishes, send a donation to AC for Epicski. :
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We just reserved the only "doggie room " left at the Stowe Motel. Giselle will congragulate you with a snuggle!
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Best of luck Bonni. I'm thrilled for you. What a great wedding venue. It should be great.
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