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Volkl AC40 demo question

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6'-1" 260#  advanced intermediate/expert,...  live in Northeast but travel to Breckenridge Co. 1-2 times a yr.


Im currently on Volkl AC40's, which I love for my large build and aggressive style, Im looking to demo something very similar in Jan when we get to Breck. Its been suggested to try Volkl Mantra or Rossi E88.  


Im partial to Volkl's,.. love the stability and great edge, looking for suggestions, will be skiing glades and groomers.


thank you

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well, the RTM series replaced the AC series, so the RTM 84 would be the replacement for your ski. Along with those, the Kendo and the Mantra are worth a try.
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Since getting my Kendo's in Feb 2011, my AC40's have become rock skis. This season my Kendo's have become my rock skis, I'll be on my new Kendo's tomorrow for day one for them.


When your out west, demo the Katana, or Shiro, My Shiro's fit into the Volkl feel very naturally.

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I, too, have the AC40.  Love them!  I then got the Mantra in the full camber 177.  They are great and have a bit wider platform for softer snow.  Recently bought the RTM 84's, although only hit early season man made with some natural fresh on top, I found them to be very much like the AC 40's in that they held very well on the man made hard stuff and made the 4-6 inches of new seem like it wasn't  there.  I know the newer Mantra's have a rocker, so mine aren't may not eel like them.  Bottom line, to me...ski the RTM's and see for yourself.  They have a great on snow feel, carve the hard stuff great, yet handle the fluff with ease.  The new Volkl technology impressed me!  Skis like a Volkl, but easier!


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thank you ,.. all very good feedback.


hmm,... so sounds like to me RTM's or Mantra's,.....


..sorry, but I am sort a partial/loyal to Volkl.

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Nothing wrong with being a Volk guy. They are great skis.

Skied my new 2013/2014 Kendos Saturday, a buddy said I seemed to have a easier time in the small bumps on these Kendos. I could feel a slight difference also compared to my old First year Kendos. I had a good day on them.

I'll work them into my tune (1/3) and they will be even better.

IMO the Kendos is the best of both worlds, (RTM /Mantra).
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