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What's a Rebuild?

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Just wondering what it means and how much effort it is for you? Is it part of the growing pains - with the large number of members. Which reminds me - I still need to send you my annual donation. Hope others will too. This site has far better content than any/all of the commercial magazines.
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I agree - I've learned more here than from and ski mag out there. Once the first paycheck form the new job comes in I'll donate again.
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A rebuild is a process that is fairly easy but takes time. It requires one of us (Currently AC only) to log on to a special area of the forum, close it and run a process that goes through all the threads, indexes, etc and re-creates and corrects corrupt indexes. Depending on how bad the corruption is will affect how long the process takes.

Someone has to notice a problem and alert us. Then if AC is on the road or we don't have internet access, then it has to wait until one of us can get to a location where we can make changes.

Growing pains? Yes, We are working on a solution.

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I don't pretend to understand the process. But it's pretty clear that a re-build will be happening soon. Alot of errors out there today.
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