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EdgeTune Pro II

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We wanted to thank Epic Ski for providing this forum, and giving us valuable tool feedback.

As a result, we have introduced a new tool for precise, easy ceramic edge grinding called EdgeTune Pro II.

This tool provides more accurate bevel settings, and a smoother, easier grind with safe height adjusters, that will not hurt your edges.

EdgeTune Pro II  works well with back and forth motions, blending and making end grinds much more hollow grinds.

We also now include a very handy 600 DMT diamond/gummi stone assembly to remove any slight burrs on the base edge.

Lastly, because of the precise grind depth and fine ceramic stones, not excessive heat build-up will occur.

Hopefully this addresses all this forum's concerns, and we look forward to more feedback and comments from actual users please! 


Dave Hibbert

EdgeTune, Inc 

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What's a hollow grind?
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I just checked out your website and YouTube video, and I'd like to know more about the stones as they seem like they ware quickly. What's the hardness, durability, level of polish, how do they deal with any amount of sidewall. Better pictures? Are they proprietary or can they be purchased anywhere that sells dremels?

Also, is there any fine tuning of the bevel angles possible or are they completely fixed? How does the bevel adjustment work? Is an 86.5 or 86 possible with a modification? Better pictures?

How does the edge compare to the Reichmann DTS-U in the background of the video - honestly?

Can it be purchased as just the guide and stones without the brake retainers and diamond stone? Seems like unnecessary added cost?

Why is shipping so high for the kit without the dremel? Most consumers, myself included, hate exorbitant shipping costs.

Thanks, and I am impressed by your tenacity. I know this forum has been rough on your tool over the years.
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Our ceramic grinding stones are not proprietary, made by Norton Industries, Worcester Ma. (min qty 1,000 pcs I believe). We use their Altos precision mounted point series, fine (600) grit, and an overall excellent stone (as recommended by their engineers for grinding medium hardness ski/board edges) balancing material edge removal (low aggressiveness) with very low heat generation, and a high level of mirror-like polish.


Dremel grinding stones will fit, but they are a much softer Al Ox with a coarser grit that will wear out faster, and they don't leave a decent finish. Of course, there is always a tradeoff of fine grit vs. material removal, and we/Norton have chosen this one stone as an excellent balance.


Sidewalls that protrude beyond the side edge can load up a stone, but the new geometry of EdgeTune Pro II grinds only slightly (2-3 MM) into the sidewall area, so stone loading is minimal, and re-dressing is simple. "Liquid metal" sidewalls are not a problem, although they do load up the stones quickly.


Bevel angles are fixed at 1 degree increments, as very few skiers could not realistically detect a 1/2 degree difference...especially when there are so many other variables involved in edge execution (binding height, location, boot fit, de-tuned tips/tails, etc). We do custom set-ups for high end racing teams w/ 4 degree side bevels, but they are rare.


Reichmann DTS-U is a worthy competitor! Honestly, the speed of this machine is superior, and the amount of edge material removed is also much greater, as they provide full edge clean-up in one pass...popular with shops selling new gear every season, but for racers that sharpen every week, their edges would be all gone in no time. The jury is still out on who creates a sharper, faster edge...stay tuned to this forum!


We do not break up our kit and sell just the pieces to save a buck, because all the content is valuable to the serious skier...a fine 600 DMT stone is always a welcome tool. Safety glasses are a good idea wherever. Priced @ $129 (time of this posting) vs. competition at approx. $800-$3000 seems very fair, and pays for itself within a few shop visits. We offer free shipping to all PSIA, NSP members as well as multiple qty. orders. Please contact us for other discounts.


Hope this helps, and thanks for your interest in EdgeTune. We have evolved over the years and believe we deserve a second look.Stay sharp!


P.S. re; another post, a hollow grind is a radius cut common on chisels and ice skates that makes an acute edge that is incredibly fact, too sharp for most skiers on snow surfaces (imagine that...we made an edge that was too good in our last generation tool). Hollow grinds are popular on artificial surfaces that are very tough for the edge to "grab", and they are big in ice kiting (dudes sail across frozen lakes on wide skis!)

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I think you have a great concept, at a great price.  We definitely have a market here in my region for your product.


But, no shipping to Canada?  Is there a way around this?

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Yes, we ship to Canada every day (except for the cordless Dremel 8100 because it is heavy and expensive to ship, plus it has lithium ion batteries that require disclosures and potential delays).

We do ship the Dremel corded model 100N to Canada, which is actually the better value, better balance, 5 vs. 2 year warranty, better bearings, and replaceable brushes.

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Originally Posted by Chenzo View Post

I think you have a great concept, at a great price.  We definitely have a market here in my region for your product.


But, no shipping to Canada?  Is there a way around this?

Looks like the only thing they won't ship to Canada is the kit with the cordless dremel.  Maybe there is some sort of export restriction on that - or shipping things with batteries internationally is a problem.

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Do you ship to Europe, Croatia?
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Yes, we ship to all countries the US Postal Service delivers to, including Europe and Croatia.

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Based on this post it tells me that if I buy your tool kit and if I need parts like a new 600 stone "We do not break up our kit" I would have to buy another new kit?  Am I reading this correct?

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Yes we sell replacement ceramic grinding stones, DMT stones and dressing stones. See and click on "Buy" replacement parts.

The "do not break up the kit" was in reference to selling just the guide bracket without all the other accessories, including ceramic stones, DMT stones, gummi stones, safety glasses, ski brake holders, edge marker pens, dressing stones, etc.

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I have had a tough time with the edgetune Pro II. I am not a great DIY, but I don't think I am an idiot. I have not tuned skis before, and I have not used a rotary tool before, so I am definitely ignorant.

That said, I am really disappointed in this tool. the directions are too sparse. There is only one video and it leaves out many points. The directions in the box are too vague, with no detail. I looked for something more in depth online and could not find it.

I should have bought an old pair of skis before I tried it. I did one edge on my K2’s and probably ruined my ski. So I bought an old pair and practiced on those. I have not got the hang of it after trying many times, and I tried it again on my K2’s and hacked it up worse.

I thought wow, I can buy this tool for not that much more than a good ski file and be able to get my tuning done faster. It did not turn out that way.

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Missed this the first time, anyone else has experience with this? My concern is Dremels aren't exactly precision tools and they tend to have a lot of shaft runout.

If I never have to deal with filing and stoning the skis again it would be worth it.
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I'm considering this tool, so I'm lurking....



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     We're not sure what our instructions left out. The video and written instructions (both on our web site clearly show how to adjust the grind height. If you are having trouble "hacking up" your edge, it is because you are not setting the stone height correctly as shown. With any power tool, always make sure the cutting tool is NOT engaged with the work material before you turn on the power. Once on, slowly "creep up" on the tool's engagement, starting with barely removing any edge material, and working your way up to full material removal. As we state, practice will help, especially for the non-diy with no high speed power tool experience. Sorry you had problems, and if we can help please contact us directly. We have thousands of happy customers getting great results. Thanks,

  EdgeTune, Inc.

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Although I had a tough time using this, I would caution that this is only my experience. I assume many others have had a good experience and I encourage more feedback from those folks. I bought some old skis to practice on and hope to master it for this next season.

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I don't suppose it works with a Dremel Trio (3/8" collet, 90 degree  swivel head)?

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Well I'm going to get a set as soon as I get some funds in my paypal. Bought a season pass to a big hill this year so going to make the most out of it.
Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

I don't suppose it works with a Dremel Trio (3/8" collet, 90 degree  swivel head)?

No, the Trio has proprietary everything, don't see it on the market anymore so it's probably dead too.
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Well it's ordered, we'll see how this turn out.
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Been using this for sometime now, thought I'd give an update. I'm familiar with high speed power tools in my hobby and it still took me a few tries to get a hang of it, no permanent damage done during the process though. Now I can set the bracket pretty quickly on the first go.

It doesn't actually remove a lot of material, more analogous to diamond stone than file, and because of the high speed the finish is quite smooth. I don't know if the edge is sharper than hand finish with multiple grit of diamond stone, but it's definitely no worse. The major plus is it's much faster and less pain in the butt to do, especially now during early season when rocks and stones are prevalent and edge cleanup is necessary after each outing. The instruction video could be better though, there are many finer points on how to adjust the bracket that could've been included and make people's life easier.

Cost is quite high after the purchase price, shipping, tax, customs, and getting a suitable rotary tool, but so far it seems to work well.
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I have two girls who race in U16 and U14 in the mid-Atlantic region.  Most of the time the snow is man-made hard-pack/ice so I needed something to keep the edges sharp.  I bought the Edgetune Pro II and have used it a few times.  I am surprised at the number of negative comments about the tool.  It works fine for me if I am careful about two things.  First, it is important to hold the tool as shown in the video, low on the aluminum bracket so that the rollers are firm against the ski bottom.  If you try to hold the Dremel tool, you are bound to cause wobbling. Second, as others have commented, you need to adjust the stone position before starting the Dremel.  I start by adjusting the stone so it just touches the ski edge.  I then lift the tool, turn on the Dremel and then lower the trailing edge of the tool slowly onto the ski followed by the leading edge to be sure that the stone just touches the ski.  Next, I make a minor adjustment to lower the leading edge of the stone ever so slightly until I see some sparks. 


My only criticism of the video is it makes using the tool look too easy, which it is once you know how.  The video should explain the importance of using the tool exactly as shown and described, and perhaps include some instruction on what not to do.

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I have been using this tool for a couple of weeks and I am a little suspicious about the accuracy of the bevel angles.


I have tuned my skis by SWIX bevel tool on 87 degrees but when I started using EdgdeTune Pro II tool that was set to the same angle (position 3), the ceramic stone initially grinded only 1/3 - 1/2 of the outer part of edge what means that the angle of the EdgeTune is bigger than the one I set up previously with the Swix bevel tool, maybe more close to 88 degree.


Has anyone actually compared the angle accuracy of this tool?


I am thinking about drilling another hole for the position 4 that will be closer to the 87 degrees bevel angle...

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Because of the hair's breath of difference in angle guides, I do my bevel setting, sharpening, polishing with the same guide every time and it's a fixed guide. I don't trust adjustable guides to be consistent because I don't trust the position of the click to be consistent. I own them, but I don't use them any more. I've got shims now if I need to switch the fixed guide.
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