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good eating in SLC?

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I seem to recall some posts about restaurants in Salt Lake City, but d*mned if I can find them now using the search function.

So... I want to take my daughter out for a nice meal in SLC when we're out there in a couple of weeks.  Anyone got suggestions?   Names and genre of food would be really helpful.


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Found a relevant thread.  The secret is to use the tag "SLC Travel" but you still have to remember which thread.


Start here and keep reading:

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Thank you, Marznc!  I knew I'd seen it somewhere.


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You're welcome!  I'll be in SLC in late Jan myself.  Staying in the city this time so I've been paying attention to relevant threads.

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One of my favorite chefs in Sun Valley/Ketchum just moved to SLC and opened a restaurant called Provisions. The menu looks similar to what be was doing at Dashi (local/seasonal, Asian influenced but you can tell his background is French) here and it's getting great reviews. Next time I am in the area I'll be checking it out.
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I always go to rodizio grill it's a brazilian steak house and a good bet if you are a meat lover!
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Red Iguana- Mexican

I travel ALOT by bicycle (for example this year Seattle to SanDiego)   We always use YELP..... rarely if ever disappointed with a 4 star or above rating (providing there are 30+ reviews) 

Enjoy SLC


I ski Utah each winter for about 6 months 

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