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Breck for the first time [Feb]

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Hey Guys and Gals!


First time poster...


Looking for some info on Breckenridge, taking my first trip there with my wife from Feb 11-18...I am a snowboarder, and my wife will have the fattys out there.


Looking for some advice, not what you read online but some real advice.  I am sure a search would warrant lots of info, and I have done alot of that.


We are staying 50 feet from the snowflake lift on peak 8.  Any advice for getting first tracks from there? What our route should be to some of the best stashes or your favorite spot?


Also,  anyone out there that would like to meet up and show us the way with dinner on us at a restaurant of your choice?  We ski every weekend at Hunter Mountain in NY and are double black ice skiers... I am excited for a new challenge.


So if you could be so kind and help a snowboarder--Any advice is welcome, not just the questions I asked.





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I'm sure you will enjoy Breck.  February is good time to go - coverage is usually good and crowds are lower compared to March.  The best advanced to expert stuff is up top in the bowls - Chair 6, Imperial Chair, T-bar.  Only negative is if it's not clear, the flat light above treeline is scary.  If it is clear, do not miss the Whales Tale and Peak 7 bowl off the Imperial lift.  Just look for the traverse off to the left when you get off the lift.  The bumps and trees off the E Chair on Peak 9 are a good place to be when the bowls are socked in. 

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The snowflake lift most directly accesses only beginner terrain (as you can see just by looking at the trail map). Fortunately you can go from the top of Snowflake right over to the Colorado or Rocky lifts. To ski Horseshoe or North Bowl from the T-Bar, Rocky is most convenient. Or to get onto Imperial, go from the top of Colorado directly over to 6 Chair and then ski just a few feet down to Imperial. E Chair as mentioned is pretty accessible.


Basically you are one lift ride away from the Peak 8 lifts at the top of the gondola, which is ground zero for where most people start their ski day.


As for favorite stashes - keep dreaming ;-)

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Bring your warmies and your cold wax if you're looking for fresh snow - sure it'll be warmer down low but that's where the tourist zoo is too.        

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Imperial, Tbar and 6 chair will be your friends but if you poke around there's a lot of good terrain and snow just off of many of the groomers especially northern side of peak 9 and southern side of peak 8.  Haven't been there since peak 6 opened so maybe others will chime in on that.

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E chair, peak 6 hike, peak 8 hike, Whales Tail, top of Peak 7 (magic carpet, y chutes, sadies, tele, Arte's bowle, the dunes), peak 10 (the burn).

In reality, Breck is a large mountain and finding your way around is tough. I'd recommend a lesson. An instructor will show you the good stuff.

You may also pm me closer to when you plan to be here. If I'm not working, training, or not here you might be able to get me to show you a bit of stuff...

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Habacomike, that would be awesome to meet up and learn some things first hand.  I know that if someone comes to my mountain for a week, I could really help them out so that is why i ask.  Local knowledge is super helpful.

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