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Catskill Heaven - A weekend in Plattekill [Alba Aventures Dec. 13-14, 2014]

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See in HD..


A change of weekend plans allowed us to check out a mountain we have heard great things about. That mountain you ask is Plattekill Mountain which is located deep in the heart of the Catskills in Roxbury, New York.  


Plattekill Mountain is often referred to as the Mad River Glen of the Catskills and is known to offer the most varied terrain for skiers and boarders within 3 hours of New York City.


For years we opted to ski more convenient mountains like Hunter and Windham or at times drive longer and further North to other ski areas; sadly and always passing this mountain up. This time, our opportunity came and we decided to make the drive and too see if this mountain would feel and ski like Mad River Glen, which is arguably one of our most favorite mountains in the East. 


Upon our arrival we were greeted by all the staff and right away we felt at home. This place was inviting to all and the mountain though not the biggest, offered some nice looking, steep and long face runs and you could see there were many trails stemming off them. One run could become 3 when you count all the glades and bike trail that you are allowed to ski (at your own risk). 


After two full days of skiing, meeting some of the coolest and hardcore skiers, teles-skiers, boarders in the New York City area, we would say hands down, this is the best mountain to ski in the Catskills, followed by Belleayre then Hunter following with Windham.  

This is a ski mountain and not a resort. There is nothing fancy about the mountain but, it has so much more charm than many of the other places we have visited.  Belleayre has that feeling too.


Naturally this is our opinion and we love Hunter and Windham too, though I will say that with all the years of my skiing at these mountains, we have not ever been greeted and accepted and incorporated into the family the way Plattekill has.  A very close second would be Belleayre in the same area.  


We hope you like our video. This place to us was "Almost Heaven".




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Glad you had a great time at platty! When it snows and last weekend it did, there is no better place to call home. We lost some snow over the last few days but hey it's early yet. Next time you come to the Catskills, look us up and we can make some turns. Enjoy your videos, what area is next?
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Nice video. I was heading to Platty on Sunday but at the last second I turned left into Belleayre instead. I've driven past Belleayre for the past few years but I knew they would have more terrain open. I'll be back at Platty once the double is open. Belleayre was great and empty, but totally fogged in.

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Thank you..  Oh, you can ski anything at this place. We went under ropes the whole day and we didn't even do as much as we could have. Terrain wise - we were deeply impressed and the coverage was fantastic.   


I hope to catch some turns with you soon. We also plan to be at Belleayre again when the entire mountain is open. It should be fun.

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I am not sure how many of you know who Jordan Manley is but, he just gave me a very positive review and critique of this video. I am so way flattered.  His work is my favorite out there and to get any response from him is to me way special. 


Merry Merry to you all. 



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removing this post. ..

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Plattekill is a great place. That's really all I should say. I think you are just a little biased about your videos vs those of Ski the East.

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Hey, compare this to yours. This is really cool.


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Different audience. Funny, that is up on my wall as it was good. 

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Firstly - apologies to Ski The East... Those guys are stand-up guys and do great stuff. I was just being cranky.. Was deeply surprised by this today.




They tweeted this video.

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Putting your stickers back on?

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Yep.. And on our car now too...

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