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That vertical method seems risky if your edges are really sharp.  I fear slicing a chunk of an ear off or gashing a cheek.  When they are over the shoulder the collar of the jacket protects your neck from similar risk.

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Originally Posted by Gunnerbob View Post

Just do it like this guy does.......The Legend himself:



Wait...aren't those skis too short for him? 

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Yeah buddy that's his own hair.
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I set mine down in the lot, then alternate kicking each one towards the lodge.  Works better once the parking lot has a good base.  If you can get someone to hold the doors, you can continue this process through the lodge, past the lockers and ticket counters, through the bathroom if you need to stop, and out the other side to the ski racks.  Take the rack, tip it slightly both ways, shaking it violently, such that all other skis/boards fall off, leaving a nice, pristine, empty rack for yourself.  Now who's gaping?  Everybody else, that's who.

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My skis go on my shoulder gaper-wise, transferring from right shoulder to right tram carry to left shoulder and back again (somehow never got the hang of the left handed tram carry). (I didn't know that term till today, thanks!)  I think it's gaperish to worry too much about how to carry your skis, as long as you're not whacking people with them. My shoulders are screwed up, and I am just glad if I can carry my skis a few minutes without being in too much pain or fatigue. I'm constantly reminding myself not to raise my shoulders, but then the ski starts to slide, so I'll often carry them with the edges against my shoulder so that I don't need the raised shoulder to hold them in place.

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Tried tips down, didn't feel right.  I'll stay a gaper with tips up.  I haven't whacked too many people upside the head yet.  

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Back when I was learning how to ski I was taught that the "correct" way to carry skis was tips forward, or what the video calls "the local".   The reverse local (tips back) was frowned upon, although nobody could say why.  We were all too busy perfecting our wedlen to bother.


Picking them up so that the tips are forward is more trouble than it's worth so I don't bother.  I also suck at wedlen.


I usually carry my skis bazooka style (see video above) with the poles in "escort" mode (again see video).  This gives me a free hand for my morning beverage. If it's a long walk, I'll do the reverse local, but the normal 30 steps to the snow is not long enough  to go to the extra trouble to shift my ski-carrying hand.

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I've been doing the "reverse local" for 43 years, because that was the way I was taught in Austria when I learned to ski. Don't care if it's cool or not. It's easier to slide them down into vertical position held by the toepiece for crowds, then right back to the shoulder in open areas. No winging the skis around required.
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

1. Check for bystanders
2. Grab tip with right hand.
3. Grab near bindings with left hand.
4. Swing up and over head,landing on right shoulder, letting go with left hand when it can't reach anymore. Left hand slows the ski before it let's go.
I still find that hard to picture, but swinging my skis around overhead is out for me. I regularly violate my old PT's prohibition against lifting anything above shoulder level with static objects, but lateral forces are dodgy--and more likely to result in injury to people much further away when I lose hold of them.

Any excuse to take the easy way out. redface.gif
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Tips back with shoulder between bindings works better for me because the weight of my arm up front counters the weight of the tips pointing back.  If I go tips forward I'm putting the toe pieces behind my shoulder. Just feels more secure with the shoulder between the bindings, but I shift the skis several times over a long walk from the lot and use the full spectrum of tips up tips back bindings middle, bindings back myriad of possibilities.

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Im obviously a gaper if I have to ask this question but where does the term gaper come from?

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I believe it's from people gaping at the awesomeness of those who think they're rad.

There's also "gomer" , used like gaper - " get out of my emergency room". Transposed it's same as gaper.

"Joey" which is a little different, and "Jerry" which is more gaper synonym than Joey usually.

Can women be Joeys? Good question. More likely not. They would be Jerry's, but it's a missing area of descriptors. Use gaper.

There's also "dirt bag" which is different.
There are Joey and dirt bag contests at some areas.

Sorry, not buying the tips up carry is gaper.
Really there ahould be a gaper boy posting here.
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I thought it had to do with the "gaper gap", the space between the top of a pair of goggles and the helmet brim? Or, is the individual with such a gap doubly cursed: looking stupid as well as being clueless to boot?

Boots. Now those could make for a whole gaper thread in of themselves...
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Well "gaper" was around before helmets were on the majority.
Pretty sure it started with "twin tippers" talking about the public. But I could be wrong.

It's a bit like "shoeby" as used on the Jersey shore I think. Heard the term from a waitress. (Kind of like a gaper of the shore.) She told us it came from tourists wearing their shoes on the beach. Later renting bikes from this older beach dude, we said "we're shoebies". He replied, "I know what you are". It was hilarious.

Anyway, he told us the word came from back in the day when workers or non shore regulars would show up bringing their lunch to the shore in a shoebox. So...his explanation was more complete since it was from before the waitress was born, yet hers makes sense too.
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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

I thought it had to do with the "gaper gap", the space between the top of a pair of goggles and the helmet brim? Or, is the individual with such a gap doubly cursed: looking stupid as well as being clueless to boot?

Boots. Now those could make for a whole gaper thread in of themselves...

Never bought the gaper goggle gap etymology.  There are many ways to look much more clueless than an ill-fitting helmet/goggle interface.  Also, then they would more probably be "gappers," not gapers, though I shouldn't count on the internet for linguistic consistency.  Gapers to me implies mouth hanging open in awe, probably while looking at those skiing black diamonds.  

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