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Snow Dazed in Vail - What a Weekend

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Hogs from Utah, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida all hooked-up at DEN for the ride up to Vail last Friday 12/12, with a stop in Keystone for some early season laps and get the legs going. 47* and sunny, but limited skiing in the Outback, but okay for our needs. I love skiing with no hat or helmet and shades, it was like spring.


Arrive at the International and hit the Safeway and liquor store for supplies before heading off to Vendetta's for pizza and beer.


Saturday was a perfect high-speed day on the snow and mostly in the sun. You can see in the group pic the cloud veil trying to move in Saturday morning first thing.

Spent most of the day in Blue Sky over on Pete's chair, but held back a bit for Sunday's storm. We did manage 25k+ vertical.


Lucas Nelson rocked the house at Solaris, and it was still warm in the Village, but we needed some Bully Bar food, so blew-off the Wallflowers for much needed nutrition for the impending dump, though the forecast was more conservative at 3-6".


After dinner and the snows are coming down. Snows all night and I hear the pedestrian path being plowed behind the Hobson.  So I take a peak and it looks like 3-4" and it is 6am. Looks interesting.


Top of the Eagle Bahn and step into my new Cyclic 191s and off we go into what looks like a good 6-8, not the 5" Vail is reporting.

Over to #2 to drop into Mid Vail and up and over is the plan.


China Bowl was not quite primetime in the exposed areas, so it is over to Shangri-la Woods where it is easily 10-12" already and the skiing is great, not bottomless yet!


By 11 we all want a big lunch and slowly start to reassemble at Two Elk. After lunch it is just one bud and me, the rest are slowly dying mostly because of poor ski selection, so off to Champagne Glade where it is easily 2 foot deep.


After several crazy runs I start tanking on this line and finally run out of turns and head back to the front side and ski what we see and head down to the Village and shuttle back to the International. It is still snowing! Managed 24k vertical in not quite blizzard conditions. ;-)


Finally get into the hot tub which was booked solid Friday and Saturday nights, but the Sunday Night game with the Birds and Dallas is how we intend to spend the night recouping for Monday. God the Eagles suck, but can't ruin the night.


Snows all night, Vail reports 11 more and 7 after closing. It is still trying to snow.


DEC. 15, 2014 We have 3 and half hours to log as many runs as possible before heading back to DEN.


What a spectacle, the mountain is encased in super-dry fluff. Off the Eagle Bahn we drop into the top of the Born Free moguls which are just bottomless fluff piles. Cold smoke!


Head over to 2 Elk and drop into Poppyfields West which is just pure POW and untracked.....it was boilerplate Saturday morning, now bottomless. Now we knew today was going to be special. NO WIND SLAB!


For the next 2-hours we do laps in Shangri-La Woods, Rasputins and Red Square. Busy at the chair only due to stoppages, but its Vail and plenty for everyone.


This was my all-time best Powfest in my 33 years of coming to Vail, it was the place to be on December 15, 2014

It Was Like Nothing on Earth

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Sounds fun.  I had a couple of hours in China Sunday AM (Friday PM wasn't bad to be honest after it softened) before having to head down to DEN.  Looks like Monday was the day, which makes sense.  But yeah, that was a deep 5" Sunday.  

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Brother Snokat: Way to represent SoFla.

Glad to see that your powerful juju scored you some powder.

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Wow. Good going.
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I'm out here now,and the skiing has been very good. Have to leave here mid day Sunday unfortunately when the skiing is about to become spectacular.

As always, glad to be here and feel fortunate to be here.
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Hit Vail on Tuesday the 16th for the scraps. Was busy on Tuesday schralping pow at Breck, but wish I could have hit Vail on Monday for the back bowls. Sounds like it was a good time!

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TX Bazz! You usually get hit with a dump here. Finally nailed down a BIGGIN' at Vail !!!

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