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Another hyperflexible size 21 skier!

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I read with interest the previous post from a woman with a too flexible ankle joint.  I unfortunately have been dealing (unsuccessfully) with this for many years and through many pairs of boots.  The latest saga was that I was fitted with a custom liner (no diagnosis of the hypermobility issue) and footbed. I warned the tech that I pronoate alot.  He went ahead and filled the foam before blowing out the ankle area.  Result:  very bad bruising of the navicular on both sides.  Also the malleolus


I went back three times to no avail  I tried another, who correctly saw the liner problem but didn't see the hyperflexion.  He told me to replace the custom liners with my stock liners.  That did solve the ankle problem but revealed the new problem of bad heel slop.  A third fitter found the flexibility issue and put in a wedge (?) to  lower my heel.  After 1/8", it is MUCH better.  But I still have some more minor heel slop.'


I am in a Technical Diablo Jr. Race.  I am 5' and 100" so I don't want something too stiff, I guess?


All thoughts welcome.  I don't want to waste more money and watch my skiing continue to deteriorate as I fight my equipment.  I s

seriously have thought about taking up snowboarding but really don't want to.  I am a part time pro in the northeast..



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so the problem you have right now is limited to heel slop?


is the movement

1) up /down

2) side to side

3)  a pronation roll?

what is the shell fit like on the boot?   

what is your shoe size?   what is the boot size?

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Put in a wedge to lower my heel????????????????


I wonder what the benefit of a soft boot is?


Does it help you stay forward?  Only if you ski with extreme ankle flexion.


Does it help you put pressure on the ski tip?  It can't, the boot flexes and absorbs force instead of transmitting it.


Does it help you edge your skis?  I don't think so, boot bends instead of skis edging?


Does it help you stay upright?  Maybe since the softer boot doesn't transmit as much of the skis forces to your body.  Of course in rapid decelerations it also can't hold you up as you topple forwards over the tips.


Soft boots are over rated.  If your ankle is narrow these boots may help;  Head B5, Scott G3, Dalbello Scorpion WC.



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I am currently in a size 21 shell, which limits my choices to Tecnica and Lange Jr. Race, as far as I know.  If there are others that would be great.  My shoe size is a 5 women's.


The shell fit with a stock liner is too big all over, I think.  The length is good.  That's why I had a custom  liner put in.  I need to take up some more volume.  


is the 90 flex of the Tecnica too soft?  I thought it would be OK given my weight but given the dorsiflexion????  I do recall that the best pair of boots I ever had were old "Pink Panther " Langes.  The ankle problem was an issue but could have been dealt with, I think. I'm referring to the performance of the boot, not comfort.  I'm guessing they were pretty stiff.


Even though I'm small I am strong.  I am an advanced skier, not expert.  Is it possible I'm overflexing the boot?  If so, how would I know?  





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