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Sun Spot v2.0

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Is anyone else as displeased as much as I am over the new "lunch rock"? I was all for upgrading and expanding the facilities but for goodness sake, keep the same model of business as the old establishment. It was a great place to hang out or make a short pit stop, grab something quick, maybe a beer, and get back to the goods. The new establishment is everything but that. Dont get me wrong, its very nice, but its a scaled down version of sun spot. The bar is about half the size it needs to be. Its usually stacked four deep trying to get a beer from a single bar tender. The food side is all made toorder, and very expensive. Like 18 dollar sandwich expensive. Theres no kid options besides a 12 dollar cheese pizza. Make it 18 if u want pepperoni. The way the kitchen is set up causes horrigic wait times as theyre only capable of taking one order at a time. The ordering areas are divided between pizzas, sandwiches, soups, and salads...all seperate. So theres 20 people waiting to order a sandwich and no one in line anywhere else. For as big of place as it is the way the tables are set out there really isnt much seating. I dont know I guess I was expecting a larger newer version of the same old lunch rock, quick in quick out. That couldnt be further from whats in place now....rant over.
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Um.... where are we?

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Lunch Rock was the old get in get out or hang out shack at Mary Jane that overlooks Parsenn Bowl. Sun Spot is the high end on mountain dining option on the Winter Park side....I forget this forum isnt colorado specific.
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