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Hello All,

This is my first post and I would greatly apprciate a little help. I have my first trip out west planned for this March and am looking for a new set of skis to replace my old Nordicas. They have served me well, but I'm looking for a new set that will allow me to ski both powder and groomed snow. I am a very strong skier and never found a run to challenge me anywhere on the east coast. I hope Utah proves more of a challenge. I prefer a firm ski as I'm 6.1 and weight 220. I would also like a decent about of tip in the back. My last skis were 170s nordica hot rods. I really enjoyed them. However, I have had them since I was in highschool and I recently got my first job out of college and am looking to buy myself a new pair (I've grown a bit since then). I am not much of a park guy, but do enjoy to go backwards from time to time. My biggest reason for these skis is something I get confidant on before I take them out west in March. I am looking for something I can ski hard east, but don't have to buy another new set for out west. I would appreciate any and all help!