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Breaking in Boots (Put 'em on today!)

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It’s time to get in your boots.  


For a football game or a movie.  People look at me in shock.  The thought of standing around in your ski boots is nauseating for most.  Expecting to ski well all day isn’t realistic if you haven’t worn your boots since last season.


It takes muscles and strength to ski great all day.  Most people aren’t strong enough to hack the pressure and tightness of a ski boot.  Your foot is going to get crushed in a 130 - or a 90- if your muscles are too soft to adequately disperse pressure from skiing on the body’s frame..  


Watching the game or a movie distracts you from the task at hand and standing up applies good pressure.  I don’t think you can sit down during the early season floor time- no desk work in ski boots.  You want to keep circulation going and those muscles moving.  Your legs need to be ready for the additional (!!!) weight of bindings and skis.  Your foot will take a beating off the couch.


Put your boots on now!


One of the difficult problems I encounter fitting boots in Jackson Hole happens when the skier is home....


Me: “Yeah, your work looks OK.  I don’t think this [the home bootfitter] is the problem here…”


Most of the slopeside boot work I see is not that bad.  There’s lot’s of high quality work out there, but folks still end up on the boot bench during ski vacation.


“Your boots fit great.  Did you wear these before your trip?” I say it at least once, sometimes ten times a day.  Understanding how the fit feels before the slopes is important.  Don’t invent boot work, but getting in your boots every day or a week before your trip is important.  Think of it as taking a 60 minute hike each day preparing for your ski trip.  It’s just part of the deal.

Tons of working skiers ski every day, bell to bell, wearing ski boots.  Habitual boot work is not common.  On the contrary, it is super easy to get a good fit.  The trick is to be strong enough for the good fit to work.  Nothing is worse than putting a guy in his first bomber fit, then seeing him on the boot bench each year because he’s out of shape and hasn’t put his boots on since last year.  Honing lower limb muscles is the key to a good ski vacation.  Get used to how the boots fit and know that after a great day you’ll be sore, but never in pain.


Hey! Some family pics:


Christy and Libz coming up the last steps of the Headwall from Pepe's Bench. We don't go out of bounds often, but hike inbounds frequently. Sorry no pics from Casper Bowl, it was too nice to stop!



Blaze chilling out at the top.  Last year he counted steps- 620.  He lost count yesterday.  He's grown a lot in the last year and is very strong.  He stormed up the boot pack.  It was our first family march for the season and we weren't moving that fast at the top.  Casper Bowl skied great!



Have fun!

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Great advice! Thanks!

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I do that with new boots too.  I can't get my kids to though and they end up in new/different boots EVERY season, sometimes twice in a season.  They'd rather put off the pressure/ pain until the ski lot parking lot and endure the break in period while skiing.  Never fails, after two hours at lunch they are kicking off the boots and reluctant to put them back on to get more laps post lunch.  No wonder so many kids end up snowboarding hahaha..

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Awesome thread. Missed it before. Here's my tactic. Put the cat tracks on and wear the boots while you tune.
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I've never worn my boots except when I ski in them and I've never had any trouble with my boots the first day out, expecially since getting Intuitions. Before that getting into the boots the first time was a struggle. If wearing them in the fall works for you then do it. I put my effort into keeping in shape. Between hiking/biking/kayaking season and ski season it's hard. I don't like exercise for exercise's sake.

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I like to do the Ott Wedel on this, and/or pretend I'm skiing bumps...




Just need some old (demo) bindings, one of these, and a couple pieces of wood. Break in your boots and get a pretty good workout while you're at it. Definitely fires up those various rotary muscles and quads!


Pole plants (or planted poles) are highly recommended, otherwise it's all Chubby Checker.   ;-)

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