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Small/narrow/low volume enough, but not too expensive boots advice

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Hi, everybody.
Saw a lot of people throwing very interesting advices right out of their pockets here, so I thought to give it try with my issue.

I'm 37 yo male, 170cm, 75kg, average skier, but I like the speed and sometimes I push it a little bit harder.
I ski for most of my life, but unfortunately not quite often. Anyways, I'll try making it at least 7 days a year.

Since I can remember, I had difficulties to follow my friends on skiing trips. After a day or two, my quadricepses would be so inflamed that I had problems skiing at all, no matter how slow. On the other hand, compared to my friends, I was quite sporty/fit. After having that problem for many seasons, I realized that it's not the muscle power I'm lacking, but that is has to be something with the skiing style. And then I realized that I was subconsciously riding on ski tails all the time, putting a lot of stress on quads in that position. But, I had a reason for that: as soon as I would lean forward, I would feel uncomfortable, shaky, and lose control of skis right after. I was trying to fight back that issue by fastening harder my ski boots, but that only led to bad circulation.
Only after reading many things online I traced my problem to inability to fix back part of my feet correctly, which also introduced heavy heel lift as soon as my weight is not on the tails. I still may be wrong, but everything I've read so far points me to hill lifting/sliding.

Well, I have a really short feet. That is something I know. On the other side, I cannot be sure, but I guess they are really low volume also. My perfect match for running shoes is EU 38.5. That translates into something like 24.5cm.
Exact measures of my feet are different when I draw a line on the piece of paper and when I use Brannock device. Maybe it is because I have put more or less weight on the foot during the measurements.

On the paper:
left - length:    258 mm
right - length:  253 mm
left - width:       93 mm
right - length:    96 mm

On the Brannock device:
left - length:    25.5
right - length:  25.5
left - width:       92 mm
right - length:    88 mm

I did not know which other measure of my feet I could provide, so I just made a photo of the profile of my foot:

A way out:
Since I do not ski quite often nor long during the year, I would not really like to invest too much money for some completely custom made boots (Strolz ~800 euro) nor some semi-custom boots (Fischer Vacuum ~500 euro). If it's possible, I would like to go with something that can hold my feet for tourist-level skiing and maybe add things like this:
and maybe even better this:
Of course, even before I start "improving" my boots I have to have a good starting point: I have to find some boots which are already quite narrow/low volume.
So far, I have tried women model "ATOMIC Redster Pro 110 W" in mondo size 245. As far as I've found on the Internet, they should be "Last Width: 98 mm". For half an hour I have been wearing them in the shop, I felt my heel pressed around Achilles tendon instead of roaming around the boot for the first time in my life. Impression was even better after adding some hard (carbon) insoles. Unfortunately, that model including insoles is also very expensive (~460 euro).

So, here's the question:
Could you guys, please, advise some narrow/low volume ski boots model (that can be a women model also, I don't care) which I should give a try in the local shops (EU/Austria/Vienna) and which are not too expensive?
If I do not find anything good and not too expensive, I can always go the fancy way, but I would like to try to keep my budget low in this case...

Thx in advance!
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look around for some Jr (soft) race (narrow) boots.


keep in mind that any cheaper boot will have cheaper parts (lower end buckles, less adjustment avail, lower end liner, less moldable liner, etc)

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first thing you need is a boot fitter, the boot you have tried may well be the best thing, but the problem is all the boots like that (lower volume fit) tend to be mid to upper end models which means more money  at 75kg you don't want to be in too soft a boot as you will over flex it and this can and will make the problems worse 


for a fitter i can only recommend the people i know and the closest is not in Vienna  he is in Kaprun, Fabian Stieple at intersport Brundl i don't have a number handy but you will find the store on line



to get the best fit you need to pay a little more than the basic level boot to get a fit that works, in the long term it will save you money

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