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Lockers in Breckenridge, CO

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Hello! Thank you guys for your help. I was wondering if there were small lockers just to store a few things anywhere accessible from the slopes at Breckenridge? And if there are, where, and how much do they cost? Do you pay with bills/cards/change? 


Thank you guys so much! Really helps me plan ahead.



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There are lockers at the base of Peak 8 (the top of the gondola) in the Ski Hill Grill: the big building next to the gondola terminal.  Go inside and turn to the right.  I do not know the cost.  According to the trail map there are also lockers at the base of Peak 9 (bottom of the Quicksilver lift) and at Beaver Run. 

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The lockers in the Ski Hill Grill (top of gondola) are available in three sizes and use credit cards at central computer terminals.  Not cheap.  If I remember, the smallest one was about $8 for unlimited use (open and close) for the day. 

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