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Whitetail, PA, 12/14/14

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So on a bit of a whim, I got out for the first time this season to Whitetail Resort near Mercersburg, Pennsylvania - and I'm glad I did!


They were only able to make enough snow to open 3 main runs - 2 green and a blue, but for early season, for me, that turned out just fine. (They were Snowpark, Sidewinder, and Angel Drop.)  Lift tickets were $39, good for 8:30AM - 10PM, and it wasn't crowded at all throughout the morning - I skied right back on to the lift pretty much the whole time. I left before 2, and things looked to be picking up and with just 3 runs it was getting a bit more congested.


Snow conditions were actually pretty good. I was expecting more slush and scrape, but things held up really well I thought. 


This was the view from the top of Angel Drop. You can see there's nothing snow-wise other than what's on the slope :




This was also the first time I've tried tracking my runs, using Ski Tracks which worked very well. Really neat to see how many runs (18), how much vert (11816 ft) and max speed (26.5 MPH). I don't think it's actually useful for me for anything, but pretty cool to see it. (And it did make me go a bit faster to try to up that max speed, even though I was working on turns.)


Plus, it lets you load the info into Google Earth, which maps all your runs out for you :



Pretty accurate too - I made one run down Sidewinder (the banana shaped slope second from the bottom) and was messing around going up and down the sidehill it follows - which that track seems to have caught. (It also looks like I didn't turn it off until I'd turned in my rental gear and walked back to the car.)


All in all, very happy to be out there again...

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An hour or so further up the road at Seven Springs on Sat. Visibility was like skiing inside a milk bottle, super foggy. did not go out today but AM webcams looked like the fog never lifted and I think they battled rain all day.

Glad you had better conditions.
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