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Hi all. Been skiing almost 40 yrs myself, new to forum though. So my question for the gurus...I have a daughter age 17,small frame,110 lbs, missed last race season due to back surgery. This year bought her a second hand pair of Élan slalom race skis 150cm and she is having hard time with them, too stiff for her. Her coach suggested getting her into a "tweener" which to my understanding is between a jr ski and an adult as far as flex. I'm looking for ideas because I can't seem to find any skis listed as "tweeners". Assuming it's not an actual label, just a nickname in the business. Anyone have any suggestions of good ski to get her on for high school level slalom racing? Sport is way too expensive already to just throw darts at a board for trying to decide on equipment. Already did that with the Élans. Don't want to do it again thanks for any opinions
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Yes, tweener is more slang than technical term. This is the type of ski her coach is referencing:  most brands make a similar product.

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Thank you. Her coach actually suggested Blizzard or Fischer. You know by chance what their comparable skis in that category are?
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