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I tested fate... And I won

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Well, not intentionally, of course. I somehow managed to hit the same rock three runs in a row yesterday, just playing around on the only mogul run on the mountain. The first time I hit it, it wasn't my fault. The rock was buried under some new snow, and my ski going over it uncovered it. I wasn't about to give up my moguls, so I kept the spot in mind and kept skiing that run. The second time I hit the rock, it wasn't listening when I remembered its location, and it moved a couple feet down the run to catch me off guard. Obviously not my fault at all, since I totally didn't forget where it was. The third time around, it jumped up and attacked my skis. No way I could've forgotten where it was three runs in a row..... After that, I learned my lesson and stayed on the opposite side of the run from that rock, out of its range. 


When the lifts shut down at the end of the day, fearing the worst, I took my skis off and inspected the bases and edges. And.... Not a scratch or burr to be found! Ha! Suck it, rock! Of course, this means that after the next big storm, I'll manage to find the only uncovered rock on the entire mountain and it'll turn my bases to Swiss cheese....

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The first time the dog bites you it's the dog's fault!

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