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Park City report?

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I'm headed to PC end of the year.  I know it's 2 weeks away, but I'm getting worried.

Someone who lives there want to give a current report with insight into snow situation and conditions?


Thank you!

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I'm not going to sugar coat it: it's pretty terrible right now. This is year 4 of the worst drought anyone can member, and the ski conditions are as bad or worse than they have been at any time during that drought.

There are a handful of groomers open where they were able to make snow prior to the current warm up. If your hope in coming here was for blissful tree skiing in aspen groves, now is the time to put those hopes aside.

It seems to be getting colder now and night t ime temps will once more allow for snowmaking, which might get upper mountain lifts open by Christmas. That would really improve the situation. But even if that happens, upper mountain coverage will be thin, lower mountain coverage will be a strip of snowmaking through bare dirt, and it will still be 40 degrees and raining in town. All you can do is hope and pray that we have a meaningful change in the weather pattern.

If it makes you feel any better: December has been way too hot pretty much everywhere in the west. I heard they were still mowing lawns on the Idaho side of the Tetons a couple weeks ago.
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Don't get totally worked up, unless you have your PC tickets already paid for.  Even so, with two weeks to go there is still hope(although it won't be primo w/o two big storms.

If you are willing to drive an hour each way to the Cottonwood resorts, there will very likely be PLENTY of skiing there to keep you busy.  Bird/Alta got 5" today with likely a few more next week.  The sun is low, it's not going to melt. 

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The pattern can change. I have definitely seen a persistent dry pattern turn around pretty quickly. However, the current 2 week forecast is not good. Some dribbles in next week, and at least for now, the pattern then appears to get even worse. With storms going way north into northern canada. That being said, the forecast out past a week is not very reliable. But would definitely be good to see some signs of a change in the pattern. I have a place I've been renting in PC since 2008. So, I care about how XMAS holidays are for the renters. Unless there are some major changes soon, this is definitely the worst Xmas since 2008. Someone needs to get out there and sacrifice some skis. 

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Yesterday, the long range forecast was bleak. Today looks much better starting next weekend. However, just as bleak forecasts can be wrong, so can positive ones. So, who knows. But Alta and Snowbird got almost a foot in last 48 hours. Not far from PC, if necessary. 

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I am going to snowbird January 10 and very concerned, hope this patten changes quickly
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It's snowing in The Tetons right now.  JHMR is fully open.  Conditions aren't as good as they were a week ago, but are still pretty darn good.  Groomer skiing and north faces above 8500' are the place to be.


Hopefully conditions will improve here and all through the West before the Christmas rush.

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I'm planning a trip to PCMR in Feb., is it too early to worry?  I'd assume so, but I planned to start making reservations beginning this week.  I still have time to switch to a different resort out west, but I'm not sure I will.  I know weather can be tough to predict long range, and worst case by Feb. I can always drive from PCMR to Alta/Bird if the conditions are lousy.

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Way too early to worry. If horrible 3 weeks before your trip, then you can start worrying. I have a 2 week trip starting January 29 and I am not worried at all.

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