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That's an altogether different level of hubris than what I had in mind.

post #62 of 67 that Red Bull X-Game age they're not concerned with the agony of defeat, they think they're gonna live forever. ;)

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. . . and in a year you'll only have memories of incident. And that sexy scar.


Heal well and godspeed. 

Yes, heal well.  And remember: scars are way sexier than tattoos.

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Got the thumbs up from the doc to get back on alpine gear "carefully, for the next couple of weeks". Joined my race league buddies on Wednesday night for a few hours. (Did not race - not registered, and in any case not ready.) Honestly I have skied a whole heck of a lot cleaner and stronger, but the turns on my last run were the best of the night, so I see that as a good sign. I have a lot of re-accommodation to do. Feet re-adjusting to ski boots, etc., etc. Apparently there are some lower back muscles that I have been neglecting utterly and completely during my visits to the gym, such as they are. Very sore there for the past two days. Kind of discouraging for only three hours of skiing.


In any case now it's just a matter of arranging my life so that I can get in as many ski days as possible before I head to the Gathering. That is turning out to be more of a challenge than I'd anticipated, but at least there is plenty of snow around for when I do manage it.

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Congrats! Good to hear you're back on the snow, given that there's so much of it up there.
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Are you able to wield a shovel? Glad to hear your return to the slopes will let you feel more ready for the gathering.
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Good to hear you're back on your feet. 

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