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Which Smith helmet?

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A question for anyone who sells or is knowledgeable about Smith helmets: is there any good reason to choose one over the other?  Thoughts?  
I own a Smith Vantage (which I bought on sale) and like it.  Today, I loaned it to my wife, who finally decided she wants a helmet.  We went in to the shop, discovered Smith is the right fit for her, but there are at least four models, ranging from $100 - $220, which would all fit her.  


I get that more money = more vents, and perhaps better materials, but there must be a "sweet spot" somewhere in the line.  

Aspect = $100

Camber = $130

Sequel = $160

Vantage = $220 (!).

All are certified and all fit.  Does anyone have any particular advice for one model over another?  She'll be skiing c.15 days/season, so value is relevant.


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I would go with a MIPS helmet, not sure which Smith has that technology but I know they have at least two models.
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