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Head Raptor - getting a bit sloppy

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Hi All,

I've got myself a little early season boot issue I was wondering if I could pick the collective EpicSki-bootfitter brain on.

I have a pair of Head Raptors which DID fit very well. They were actually originally purchased/fitted by Lou here on Epic/in Calgary 4 full seasons ago. My best guess, they've got somewhere between 100-140 days on them - all original, with the exception of a few punches on the outside of each boot for my ankle bones.

My first day back on the slopes was last weekend, and once i got everything to settle back into place; I noted that my left ankle felt sloppy. I was able to wiggle my heel around a bit - and could feel movement when flexing.

I'm going skiing again on Sunday, and I'm going to pay more attention to what i'm feeling at the time. Just curious what everyone's initial thoughts are? I'm guessing new liners are in order?
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Also - while i'm skiing this weekend; Is there anything I should specifically pay attention to in order to give you fine folks more useful info?
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Cut a piece of cereal box cardboard the shape of the bottom of your liners and install them under the liner, this will snug the boot up a little----also tighten the second buckle until it hurts and then back off till it is just comfortable, this will hold your heels in the back of the boots and tighten them up.



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I'm in banff,  Lou is in calgary ,   stop by if needed


the info we need:

1)  what part of your foot is moving,  and


2)  in what direction (up/down, side to side, or a pronation roll)

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Hey There Everyone,

Wanted to send an update here regarding my boots as I've just come back from the christmas/new years trip. Since my first post here, I've put 5 more days on the boots, 1 at Lake Louise, 3 at Silverstar, and 1 at Panorama.

I did manage to crank the 2nd buckle up a notch tighter, and that did seem to help a bit with the ankle slop i've been feeling, however I noted another couple issues since, and perhaps assisted by the cranked buckles.

Both of my 'outside' ankle bones (Lateral Malleolus?) seem to be a bit of a new pressure point. The Pressure didn't hurt per-say, but i was defitily 'aware' of the bones. The outside of the bottom of my right foot (the good fleshy bit) was developing a dull ache throughout the days, and my feet were definitly colder than they used to be.

Sounds like a new liner for me?
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100 to 150 days on a liner is a lot of days to expect them to continue to contain the foot.


you could play the game of adding shims under the liner, or a neoprene tongue shim, or padded ankle wraps, etc. this can help get you through.


or you could just throw down for a new liner. if you go head stock liner you get another 100 days, if you do something like a foam injected liner or a zip fit you could double that.



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