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Just completed a stance and alignment clinic put on by PSIA East at Stratton.  To say I got my moneys worth is a serious understatement!   The boot guru was our on bootguy from GMOL. 


I attended for a couple reasons, one was a good friend that I haven;t skied with that often recently needed the clinic to maintain his certification, I like Stratton and I've had some boot issues I've never fully explored in the past.  It was a nice combination.  I said sure.


The ME part first.  I've had a hitch in my personal skiing for awhile that technique alone has not addressed.  I had a very solid right turn but a less solid left turn.  Drills helped but didn;t eliminate  the imbalance.  Short story is that a leg length discrepancy was the issue. 


Secondary to that was my 10 ish year old footbed is tired.....not totally useless just not as good at stabilizing my it could be. 


The on snow, temporary fix was a 3mm shim under toe and heel of one foot (out of 5 as measured) in deference to the bindings elasticity limits.....and limited to one run so I didn;t hurt... myself was just astounding!


The longer version is we spent two days talking about the process of setting up from the feet up and coming to an understanding of that process in addressing OUR needs as well as the guests that may not be in the best possible setup.  Ending the event by being put WAY out of whack to help us see what the outcomes a very controlled environment.


Boot fix appointment to be scheduled very soon with a new footbed!



You guys rock!


That is all.....just thought some kudo's were appropriate.




Whee (tm)


Edit.....let me rephrase the leg length part.   I've gotten some feedback that maybe I stated that part not really well.  The test was to see if , in a static position you presented an underedged stance, something like this but less dramatic \/ and over edged stance, /\ or one that indicated a discrepancy in stand height more like \\ or // when viewed from the front while standing in a on a rounded sole device.  I was \\ I think.   which indicated shims under right boot to get back to ==.  based on that test and the shimming done to correct, I had a much better turn. 

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