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  • Where in the world are you skiing? 


I live in New York City, so I will be skiing in the Catskills, Adirondacks, and Vermont the most.


  • What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry)


I am still a newer skier, but I like both groomed, and enjoy the challenge of the ungroomed stuff as well. I started venturing off-piste as well, and on the mountains that allow it, I want to ski in the trees.


  • How many days a year do you ski?

I got ten in my first season. I'll be at ten again by the end of December.


  • How advanced are you as a skier?


If we go by the 1-9 scale, I think I am right around a 5 or a 6.


  • What's your height and weight? 


5'7" and 175lbs, give or take a few. Male.



Currently I am skiing on Volkl RTM 73s at 167mm (120-73-105). I find when I start going really fast, they chatter at lot. According to Alpine Replay, this weekend, I hit 45 miles an hour, sustained speeds at 36, and my fastest average speed around 20, while skiing at Whiteface.


I am only in my second season, but I fell in love with the sport instantly, and from the end of February till Easter last year, I got in ten days. I'm already at 3 for this season, but will probably hit somewhere between 20-30 for the season.


I like to be able to explore the whole mountain (or at least the parts within my capability), and enjoy speeding down groomed cruisers, as well as challenging myself on stuff that's been left natural. Considering where I live, I don't think tremendous amounts of powder are in my future.


I would like to get some recommendations for skis, so that I may look for them during demo days, or at the demo shacks on the mountains, as I feel that I will outgrow my beginner skis by the end of this season.


The Brahma appears to have what I am looking for. A bias towards harder snow, but the ability to go into the softer stuff.