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Where to buy skis this time of year? + women's ski recs welcome

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It's basically the worst time of year to buy new skis, but the aged bindings on my 2006 Solomon Foils are now broken and it's time for a purchase. Any advice for where to find deals? I'm definitely open to getting a 2014 model, no need to be this year's.


Ski recs welcome too - I'm an advanced/expert female ex-racer looking for something that can soul shred, but also slice up a groomer from time to time and deal with East coast gross-ness. I demoed the Nordica Belle to Belle's and loved them, but would like something more carve-friendly that's still super light and turny...or would that be a unicorn?



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Welcome to Epic.  I'm surprised you don't think the Nordica was good at carving.  The Nordica Steadfast has been my go-to ski for the past 3 seasons and will be again this year and until it falls apart.  I ski primarily off-piste but when I get on a groomer to get back to a lift, it carves like a race ski, even at 90mm underfoot.  The Belle to Belle is part of the women's Hell n' Back series and is built very much like the Steadfast.  I work part time in a ski shop and we sell Salomon, Atomic, Head and Nordica skis.  When a woman with a background like yours comes in looking for an all-mountain ski, Nordica is what we recommend and so far nobody has complained.  If you can find one to demo, you might want to try the First Belle.  It's 4mm wider but has the EVO system like the Fire Arrow 84 EDT, which is the only ski I've been on that has tempted me to replace my Steadfast.  You might even want to try the Fire Arrow 76 ski, definitely more frontside biased than the Belle skis but it will definitely carve.

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Deals are certainly still out there.  There's no one shop that is better than another necessarily.  It all depends on the specific ski and size you're after.  I had to dig a bit to find some 166 Black Pearls for my wife (hmmm,  I hope she doesn't stumble across this thread before Christmas), but there were several shops with sub $400 deals on the 173cm length, including amazon.  From what I've read, they ski a bit short as well.


I'd researched Belle to Belles for my wife and despite the narrower waist, they didn't compare favorably in the carving category.  Based solely on reviews I've read (and not personal experience), I'm not as surprised about your carving assessment.  Even though the BP's have 10mm more waist, I've read better things about their carvability.  I'm sure there are other--possibly better--choices out there for what you want to do, but these are the two skis I'd researched most thoroughly.


Final thought: any demo days coming up at mountains close to you?  We have one this Saturday (if it snows enough).  Plenty of time to still find 2014 skis.

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  I have had very good luck with Amazon.  What you will find there is a huge assortment of shops with skis that are new but maybe older stock.  My recent purchase through them was a new set of 2013 Fischer SL WC skis and the RC4 bindings.  The skis were through a company called skiyard.  I am sure they had a pair of women's Fischer's as well on there.  Of course I am very bias toward that ski over the rest of them and have been able to demo the ski in 155, 165, as well as the sc 165.  They are a great carving ski in any length and any stiffness.  I probably paid too much for the ski I have now as it was close to $600.  After skiing on them though I couldn't pass them up.  Other than that I have got lucky before and got a gs pair of skis brand new old stock for $100 on Amazon.  Just depends on what you are looking for and if they have older versions hanging around.


  Another place I have seen mentioned on here is http://www.edgewiseskiservice.com/.  Also ebay and craigslist can be okay from time to time.  I personally am more inclined to purchase new / older stock on Amazon as you can get wonderful deals. 

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I would take a good look at the Blizzard Black Pearl.  There isn't much info in your post about ski length that you'd prefer, but the Black Pearl is an amazingly popular ski for an aggressive skier who wants something that can take hold on hard groomers but still is playful and willing to perform in soft snow, bumps, and trees.  Check it out, from my shop, here listed as a package with Marker Griffons for $619.  Also available as a flat ski (no binding).


The deal of the year may be for these.  Volkl Aura from 2013 with Tyrolia Attack bindings.  A bit wider and stiffer than the Black Pearl (96mm compared with 88mm) and with a metal laminate the Aura will definitely reward a driver, less a passive skier.  But it is a classic ski with fans the world over.  And at $450, tough to beat.  Though only 156cm size remains. Also available as a flat ski.


Anyway, there are a lot of great options out there and at good deals (despite holiday gouging season).  We have a lot of skis that fit your needs, please don't hesitate to send me a message on the forum here or page through the website.  Skiessentials.com based in Stowe, VT.


Happy Hunting!

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