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Keystone or Breck with Kids in Late March/Early April

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I have searched and read all the stuff out there on this topic but looking for some fresh thoughts.  


I am confined to March 29 to April 5 due to my kids' school spring break.  I already have a summit county Epic pass that I bought for a January solo trip.  So, of these two spots, which will be a better choice.  I want CLOSE to slopes because one kid may need to be home watching a movie if he or she is beat or decides at noon that he/she is done.  I plan to go with a couple days of lessons for them so I can explore.  I am a Midwest black skier - as they are, but fully realize the West is a different scale.  Everything we ski is groomed.  I'd like them to go outside their comfort zone and learn a lot, but the length of runs and surroundings may do that enough.  We will need a 2BR condo.  Decent snow that late.  I was concerned that Keystone may get boring and Breck would have more stuff like a town.  We will be there from Sunday to Saturday so guessing that with that, and later season, crowds at Breck would not be an issue.  Thoughts?  My kids will be 10 and 11.  Was thinking a condo near the gondola/Peak 9 at Breck?  Oh, and cheaper is better.  I can't see spending much more than 300 a night on lodging.  Thanks.

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I'm sure Breck would work well.  I had a very nice visit to Keystone at that time of the season several years ago:  http://www.dcski.com/articles/1022

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Either would work.  I'm guessing Keystone lodging would be cheaper. Anything at Breck that's right at the lifts is not cheap.   I would not be worried about being bored at Keystone.  It's a great family resort and they have plenty to keep the kids occupied.  . 

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Keystone is a great resort. I would say the most significant difference for your trip is one you already mentioned; Breckenridge has a town. The town of Breckenridge certainly has more character and variety. Frisco & Silverthorne are a short drive down the road from Keystone, but are mainly a collection of strip malls.

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I would highly recommend Keystone. I did the same week this year with my family as we traveled from Virginia and had over 30 inches of snow. Amazing conditions all week. Daughters 11 & 7 and my son who is 15(snowboards), wife doesn't ski. Stayed at the Springs in a 2 bedroom which was like 100 yards from the main gondola. Booked lodging, lessons, room, spa days for the wife, rental car through the resort and got a great deal. Even got upgraded to a suburban by Hertz due to using the resort. Girls skied free and pre bought epic passes for me and my son. We hit Breck for dinner and shopping one night. Girl hit the outlets for a day so my son and hit ABasin. You won't get bored at Keystone.
People think you may get hosed by booking through the resort but I feel like we got a great deal and it was really easy and their service was excellent. It is a very family friendly resort that is easy to get around and has some great terrain for your kids. Breck is not somewhere I would want to take my kids the first time out west. Too crowded and overrated. My kids want to go back.
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