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Hi, I am looking to get a new binding to put on a Brahma and I am considering the new Salomon Warden 13.

About me : I weigh 210lbs, fairly aggressive expert, usually ski at DIN 8-9, Atomic Hawx 120 boots, standard din pads


I know this bindings is MNC and intended mostly for guys with WTR or Touring soles...

That being said, is there any sacrifices being made to achieve the MNC? Stiffness? Height? Weight?


Around here the Warden are cheaper than the STH2 13, almost the same price as the STH 12, but feels sturdier and it is DIN 13.

Also, I will not lie, I like the looks of the black model.


Is it a good choice with regular boots or should I stretch for the STH2 ?