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Too soft of a boot

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  A bit about what brought me to a vector 105.


I was looking for a boot that fit period with comfort and racing in mind.  I know the two do not go together but I have a wide foot.  Last year I tried so many different racing boots, Head, Nordica, Lange, Technica, you name it I probably put my foot into it.  I ended up with a Head raptor 115 and had them punched out on the in steep and still they were painful after two hours racing I had to take them off.  I bought them new but on a great price and sold them at a swap for what I paid for them.  I also grew up with extremely long skis k2 204s and Lange boots.  Both of which are way too stiff to do anything with.


  So this year I purchased a vector 105 for the wide foot bed and the semi racing heritage.  I do a lot of nastar racing and am currently skiing a 187 volkl gs fis ski and just purchased a fischer fis wc stiff sl 165 ski.  The boot is extremely comfortable to the point that I can crank it down and have no gaps in the shell. My question is more around what is too soft of a boot and what really does it matter if you can flex the ski?  I am not sure they work for the gs ski I have but for the fischer they seem to work very well. 


Which almost leads into another question, maybe the ski and the boot are what makes it perfect.  So much so that maybe I should buy a different boot for the gs ski? I am really loving the fischer slalom ski with this boot if I go to a stiffer boot on them won't that change the dynamics of the ski?  Lots of questions I know.

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Of course if I bought a stiffer boot there is always the option to pull out the plugs as well... 

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Any ideas out there?   I also thought I would add that I am 6' tall and around 190 lbs. 

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are you asking if the boot is too soft?     if you can race SL on it, it should be fine.


but this question can be better answered by someone that can watch you ski, on both skis.  (like a ski race coach)

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I will have to have someone watch my skiing then. I just wondered if there is any big tell or sign to look for. I sort of went soft because i was tired of being on stiff boots that take so much energy to work. Tuned up my gs ski and took them out today. I feel like i could really crank them in a corner with these as well.
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