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What can be done about thin ankles

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A recent acquaintance of mine has trouble with too much boot-volume around the ankles.  He has a low-volume, narrow foot, and fits into a 98mm last, but even with a close-fitting boot, his ankles swim.


I recommended two excellent Southern Vermont boot fitters, and also Fischer Vacuum, but I wonder how a fitter deals with the thin ankle issue (I have the opposite problem).  


I hope responses here will encourage my acquaintance to seek a qualified fitter. 

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it may be that a 95mm boot with the forefoot width increased will be a better piton than a 98mm last…remember not all 98mm lasts are created equal so finding the closest fit around the ankle is really important.


there are always liner options that can help take up volume in that area BUT the closer the shell shape to the ankle the better… zip fit and PU foam are probably the best for taking up volume around the ankle and that is where the fitter comes in, selecting the most appropriate shell then either doing modifications to that shell, the stock liner or an aftermarket liner.  it is always possible to add padding to a liner BUT this is not what i would say is a permanent solution, more a make do if the liner has packed out after a load of skiing and you need a little more hold, there are times when it is the solution but without seeing the foot no fitter can tell you precisely whether it is the right thing to do…. problem solving is what boot fitters do best. 


i do not sell the fisher boot, the people who do sell it will be along soon to give you the pros/cons of that system, personally the people i have seen wearing it have had wider feet or strange shapes…it is a tool and in the hands of a good fitter can work for a lot of people, it is however NOT a replacement for the fitter and in the wrong hands can be as bad as any boot badly fitted.


you have two recommended fitters, check the list on the who's who at the top of the forum to see if they are in there or if the list provides another option

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Thanks. Yes, they're pretty recommendable -- Bill Haight & Nick Blaylock.
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Hey Lakespapa,

Our shop Ski Stop sells the Fischer Vacuum boots. We have had great success with the system. Like any boot it may not be for everyone. Our skilled boot fitters will assess your feet / legs and biomechanical needs to see what your best option would be. We have added this season a second vacuum compressor to our system. One compressor to control the psi in forefoot area and one compressor to control the psi in the heel area. This allows us to dial in the fit accordingly. Our shop is located 30 minutes south of Boston. If you are interested, give the Westwood location a call and speak to one of the boot fitters 781-329-3616. We like to do vacuum fits by appointment. Good Luck....

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Thanks, BurgMan.  I'll pass it on.

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