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Hi All,


I have been skiing for 30 years, on and off. I need a good ski boot that is comfortable. I am an all mountain skier...I like powder in the trees, nice hard pack for carving, and an occasional mogul run.


I have been skiing on rentals for the last few years, and aside from one year, i have not found a boot that I can wear. Specifically, I have one or all of these issues....Ankle bones hurt so bad i don't want put boots back on, cramping in the arch, shin pain, etc, etc.


This year we are heading to Park City after Christmas, and i am trying to decide if i should get custom fit boots here in Wisconsin or wait to get them on the mountain.


I have 2 ski shops with "boot fitters". One is Eriks ski and bike and the other is Les Moise. Two of my friends have had boots done at Les Moise and were happy. But i am wondering if it makes sense to get boots in Wi or wait. Any help on boot fitters and what I should look for would be greatly appreciated!!


We are staying at the canyons if that makes any difference.