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poc helmet screws

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I recently lost one of my screws for my poc helmet and i need to get a new one, where do they sell extra screws or the same kind of screws? I also would like to know what kind of screws they are.  


-thanks, skifast7 

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The hard way is to go to Home Depot with a screw, and match it up. They usually have a gauge you can screw it into for figuring out the size. Buy a bunch.

The easy way (I think) is to call POC and ask them.

You can also go into most ski shops and get some. They might need to carry POC if it's a special size.

If none of this work, duct tape.
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They are metric screws. Going from memory, M4 or M5 in 10/12mm length.

I couldn't find the exact rounded head from my local hardware store so using some that are not as rounded (a slightly thicker lip).

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I have spares...

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I find them to be a uniquely frustrating screw in terms of holding up well, fitting well, being very short, etc. They are one one the only POC items I have been disappointed in.

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I was dissapointed with the pole guards, cracked when I tigtened the screws. They [POC] used a too hard type of plastic.
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Why aren't you just going back to the shop you purchased the helmet and getting more screws?  Other than that it is a machine metric thread and you should be able to find them at any fastener store.  Possibly at a large lumber yard (Home Depot) as well)



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