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I am looking to replace my 14 yr old Arcteryx Alpha SV. It's been my all-mountain jacket for climbing and skiing and served me well. For ski season and even big cold climbs like Rainier,  I have been eyeballing the Modon. I found a video produced by outdoorgearlab on the Modon that seems too good to be true and would love everyone's opinion.


Outdoorgearlab claims that a lightly insulated shell can actually increase the breathability of a waterproof-breathable set-up by increasing the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the jacket, thereby moving the sweat away from the body. They also claim that the Modon would be a great jacket for the pacific northwest, which is where I live.


I ski at Crystal near Seattle and ski hard, constantly in search of fresh, almost always hiking for most of the day. On some days I carry skins into the side country and on some days I only tour somewhere in the Cascades. I sweat a lot but I'm also getting older (over 50) and colder, hence the interest in a little insulation. Plus mid-layers have really improved and it's appealing to me to wear a short sleeved base layer, my R1 Hoody and a shell as my daily set-up.


Every time I have tried skiing with a Nano Puff or any non fleece/wool mid-layer, I last a few runs before it goes in the pack, due to overheating. So I started this new search solely intending to get a Gore Pro shell, until I found the outodoorgearlab video.


Anyone have any experience with this jacket or similar in the PNW? Anyone call BS on outdoorgearlab's theory?